Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

No Toys!

We decided to do the Rec. Center after I got home from work. Jet had had a nap, but was mildly cranky. Enough so that he didn't want to "play toys", i.e. go to the kid care, and wanted to just go swim. So we skipped the exercise part of the program (John had been riding all around Longmont all day on his bike with Jet's trailer in tow) and "just" went swimming.

We chased him around the kid pool, then around the Lazy River (around and around and around as he rode his noodle like a bronco), and then up the two stories of concrete steps over and over as we took Jet down "the pink tube", i.e. the large diameter slide. It was a good workout, and the shower, afterwards, felt great.

We decided that since we'd never been to an Appleby's and there was one within an mile of home, that we should try it. It was next door to the IHOP which brought howls of "Funny Face Pancake!!" from Jet until he discovered the chicken, fries, and Oreo milk shake for HIS dinner and dug in. Happiness in a milkshake.

I've been really enjoying the Adagio Li Zi Nutcracker. It really does have the chestnut flavors that the description boasts of, if you brew it at the lower temperature and for, at most, two minutes (rather than the three they suggest). The flavors are astonishingly strong if you add a good, dark honey as well and it nearly tastes like essence of sweet, French-style chestnut paste. It's one of my favorite foods in the whole wide world, and this really hit me as nearly exactly that. And it's great for two full brews, but I got the complete effect with the first brewing. Yow.

Brew it just a bit too long or a bit too hot, though, it goes mouth puckeringly bitter. Bleh. Mmm... delicate greens.

Work's... let up suddenly, at least the stressful parts of it, for the nonce, and it'll only pick up when it can bear it, so I'm left suddenly high and dry. John's working a bit of the weekend, to finish off his section of it all; but I'm kind of left with not really knowing what I absolutely have to do next. I found a few steps still to take, so I did them this afternoon, didn't procrastinate, just plowed right through.

Had a long talk with myJohn about the whole impostor syndrome stuff, and it was enlightening for both of us. Both he and my boss just don't get it, but they now have a better idea of *what* it is, even if none of us have that much better handle on why. They both, now, have more specific things they can do to help me with it when I'm feeling down or out emotionally. That's been excellent.

It's astonishingly good to have a boss that I can discuss weakness with and how to deal with them and NOT have it be about how bad I am, as a person, rather it's a constructive discussion about how to make me more productive. Period. Wow.

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