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We're sick again, all three of us after Jet sneezed and coughed on both John and I pretty continually. My Air Borne is holding it at bay, so I have the stuffy nose and congested sinuses, but not the lung-cough Jet has. Or else I'm just being way too optimistic. Hey, optimists live longer, might as well start that as a habit, too.

John's holding it at bay with sheer adrenaline and NEED to be working. It's impressive. Especially since John and I have been sharing the three or four times up at night that Jet's had since he was sick (along with an accident a day for the last two days, so the balance is ruined. I think I'll be more thankful, now, when it's only one of the two).

Jet now has a little mantra, "I get (sore) thoats, Momma is tired, and Daddy sneezes." Agh when it's accurate.

Jet has been to school since his fever broke, and when I picked him up, yesterday, there was a chorus of eerily familiar coughs. I haven't been giving Jet the Air Borne as I've been leery of doing homeopathic and overdosing on vitamin kinds of behavior for him, but I'm nearly regretting it, now, as when he had his AB Jr. he didn't get anything more than sniffles.

Especially this morning, after Jet had had a pretty rough night. When we got to school, Jet was sitting in his car seat and didn't lean forward or help me get him out and he said in a little voice, "I'm tired. Can we go back home and nap?"

Of course, when we got inside, and I got his coat off, he marched right in to the room he's not supposed to go to, halted the teacher in the middle of her story and when she said he was supposed to be in the other room, he went there. I am starting to think that it's a ritual for him, since, for the last month, I think, he's been told by that teacher to go to the other room. He never believes me, but has to be told by her.

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