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Still Incredible

I pre-ordered The Incredibles from Amazon and it arrived last night, and it's indicative of us that as soon as the box appeared, we opened it and watched it through AGAIN! Hee.

Then we watched Jack Jack Attack!! and died laughing. Especially since, as fairly recently new parents, the psychobabble about Mozart, flash cards, and specific types of toys stimulating neural development is fresh in our minds. Though I'll readily admit much happiness at not getting THAT kind of neural development. Wow.

Seeing the outakes was mildly interesting in that the movie they'd originally thought of would have been vastly different. I don't think it would have been better, but it would have made very different points about family life and about the kind of commitment it takes to be a parent. Some of which made me very thoughtful.

So, as usual, the DVD delivers more than the movie itself, and I'm very glad I pre-ordered it. Along with my shiny, sweet copy of Porco Rosso, which I'm half sad about as it probably means it's not going to theater distribution, but glad to have a clean copy instead of my old, grainy subbed copy that Jet watches constantly and tells me, in no uncertain terms, to STOP reading/talking, he likes the Japanese dialog just as it is, dang it.

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