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I wasn't quite as sane on Friday as I wanted to be.

We had a full Sunday morning and Saturday scheduled, so I wanted to get all my work done, Friday night, if possible, but was up until 2 am doing it, which was stupid as it pretty much killed me for the rest of the weekend. The cold caught up to me, and I was a zombie...

... and sad about not being able to find my bowl in the give-away line or in the auction because they had 1300!! bowls (a surprising number were handmade!) to give away and just filled four tables, and just added more bowls as they were being taken. I saw some gorgeous bowls on the give-away tables, so wasn't too surprised when, as we were eating our soup, I saw a lady with my aspen/mountain bowl! Yay! Someone wanted it! I liked the ones we got, and Jet originally got a handmade one with a green hand holding up a really thick bowl and then, on the way out, he traded for a blue bowl covered with eyeballs. Big, green irissed eyeballs now peering through his milk and cereal or his noodle soup...

He thought they were both pretty cool.

I could see why the more artsy bowls were in the giveaway line. :-)

Sandra's Sun bowl was in the auction, and I have to tell her that as she decided to decorate as my buddy from our group. I hadn't wanted to do it alone.

We had leftovers for dinner that night. Just whatever's in the fridge, much like the Incredibles' dinner at home that night.

Sunday was Palm Sunday and a madhouse. I made coffee. Probably a little too much coffee, but there was plenty for everyone, so that was good. Jet participated in the procession of the Palms and went to kid church, and afterwards, instead of eating with the other kids, he went to the backroom with his jellybeans and lemonaide, saying, "I want to eat where there aren't all these people TALKING." Oops, my son.

I ate with him.

I then napped when we got home, along with Jet.

Then the three of us went out and saw Robots and it was FUN. We really enjoyed it.

Amazingly enough, just down the road was the new Pacific Ocean Asian Market and next to it was a 79 pho, which we had dinner at before we went shopping. Never shop on an empty stomach. We got some things. I was happy, we went home, and went to sleep early, and I finally felt mildly human today.

Problem was that today was also the release, and my brain was mad with the ten thousand things that should NOT be forgotten but sometimes are.

Hee. I've been reading a lot of Prachett. It helps me not take this TOO seriously.

Jet and I started the morning with him watching the Rugrats Go On Safari, and I worked and got what I thought I had to do done. Then we made a pumpkin pie. Jet stirred, poured water for the crust, and when I had to go check on something on the computer, I came back to find him gently grating the nutmeg onto a piece of paper so we could neatly put it into the filling. My.

When the pie went into the oven, we had a mild fight over going to the potty, had a timeout for both of us. Then we went grocery shopping and had a blast. Jet got to ride the pony and he behaved beautifully while I shopped. He just sat in the cart and "drove" it from the car cockpit that was attached to it. He wanted a few things that I wouldn't have normally bought, but they were things that mildly tempted me as well, including roasted garlic Triscuits, peanut butter filled Ritz crackers, and some Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcakes. Ha.

We got home. He ate two, big flour tortillas as quesadillas, drank his guava fruit juice, and then asked for and got a Strawberry Shortcake. He ate about half of it and left the rest of the roll resting on its cream.

Then he realized I was working again. I'd just been informed of three different web sites that had to be updated with the new data from the documents my guy and I had just published. Unexpected work, but expected for any release. I just was stressed all to heck because I thought I was done. Bah. Then, of course, Jet started climbing up me and my chair so he could sit on my shoulders, and then he pulled my hair.

Time out for both of us.

Much ranting and raving on both our sides but to ourselves instead of at each other later, and we hugged and made up and Jet got to watch a Thomas movie while I finished up everything. He was smart and suggested that since I wasn't able to entertain him.

John came home as the movie finished and whisked Jet away to swimming. I finished up, tried to play some video games to make my brain STOP; but it didn't work. So I met the boys for dinner. Jet nearly fell asleep in his ice cream. He asked to be in my lap, which was odd for me as I'd been so cranky with him all day, but he still wanted to be on my lap instead of John's, and he curled up against me as I finished my salad and he went to sleep.

I'm still anxious. I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow, my yearly checkup, and I don't know how my cold is going to show up on the tests, I have some fatty lumps in my leg and back I want them to check that I don't think are a problem, but there's always the possibility of something scary. I have to fast from 8 am to 1:30 pm for my tests and I just hate that, but at least I know I can get up and eat something before that. Probably should have something like oatmeal and soy milk, but I'll probably have corned beef hash and eggs. Ha.

My right lens came out of the box in two pieces, so I had to call my optomitrist about that. I also had to remake an appointment for a dentist and cleaner, as the other dentist office keeps losing my insurance paperwork and keeps insisitng that I come in for cleanings that my insurance won't pay for. They're slick, but too slick, I think. So I decided to go to the dentist that John's now seeing. We'll see if that works for me, but it's Yet Another Change.

Well, I'll likely go into work to do stuff just to keep myself occupied, tomorrow. Otherwise I'll worry some MORE. Bah.

Better drink some Tension Tamer and see if it works.

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