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Jet Moments

Last night, at about 10, Jet burst from his room crying, "The fan's too much!!"

John had refilled the humidifier, and got a little water on the control panel, and it had burst into high mode while Jet was asleep. John went up and turned it down and before he'd even finished doing that, Jet was fast asleep again.

It still amazes me every time Jet falls asleep while I'm holding him.

I remember one time we were in the Pacific Northwest, and John and I had taken a little while while David and his lady could watch Jet for a while. When we came back Jet was asleep in David's lap and the look on David's face reflected, very well, the wonder I have every time Jet falls asleep on me. It's such an unmitigated gesture of trust and comfort simply in ones presense.

I remember one new mom talking about her mother telling her, "Don't pick that baby up every time he cries, he'll just wants you to hold it! You'll end up holding him all the time." And we both rolled our eyes at this cutting off of a baby from their most basic need. Just to be held and to know they're safe with you.

Which ties into the story of a couple that went to China to get their baby, and the whole group of parents noticed that when they got their baby the babies didn't cry At All. Turned out that they didn't cry because in the orphanage, no one cared if they cried or not, nothing different would happen. Suddenly, on the third or fourth day of having adults that responded to everything they did brought this massive meltdown, and nearly ALL the babies cried for at least a whole day, with some kids it was three whole days as they realized someone was actually listening.

Many people speak of spending a lot of time crying after first getting therapy. I wonder if it's a mirror of that meltdown.


There are, now, lots of times when Jet acts as if we'll always listen to him, just as he did when he burst out of his room, half asleep, and I am cherishing it while I can.

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