Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Plowing Ahead.

I finally figured out how to acknowledge someone that had worked really hard for another manager, and it felt good to do that. Odd to find myself near tears simply from being able to word, thoroughly, how much they'd contributed and how much it was appreciated. Better than that was just to get them a gift certificate of significant amount to a restaurant they were very interested in going to.

Worked my way through a very knotty problem with three people interested in a particular job, and I think that got done the right way, too. It's something that was aggrivated by a decision that I'd made earlier, so it's partially my fault and I'm very willing to deal with that, solidly.

But I'm fully willing to acknowledge that I may not have gotten it right this time, either. So we'll see about that.

Talked with the former manager of a new guy I'm taking on. It was fun to just go out to lunch with him and figure out what I really needed to know about that persons likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Even better to know that some of his weaknesses are my and my present guy's strengths, so we can compensate when he needs it and he can lean on us for that while we lean on him for some of his real strengths.

I've been playing MS's Spider Solitaire to get my head back to being MINE. It's hard. I should go swimming...

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