Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

After three days of having Jet at Joan's for four hours in the morning, I'm ready to take him back. I'm too used to having him around. Probably going to figure out an in-room fencing arrangement that allows him to play near us while we work but not allow him to get in under our feet and chairs and into the cords that line all the walls.

Getting a lot done, but sometimes defocused about it. At least I've been getting enough sleep. He's getting up twice most nights, but has been fairly easy to put back down again and is gradually getting used to his lowered crib again, after a long interval in his 'nest' that we made out of his infant seat and really fluffy, soft blankets.

There are a lot of times, now, that John and I simply refer to Jet as 'he'... it makes me giggle a little, now.

I actually rode the exercise bike this morning, in an effort to get the blood moving and to simply not be so tired all the time. Don't really need to sleep in until 8 anymore, as the nights are a bit easier. I feel a bit better for doing it, but I think I'll need to do it regularly for it to help a lot.

Genevieve sent me two books from that American lady that was actually trained as a Japanese geisha, the language of the books is fascinating. They're cool birthday presents.

I also got my Origins shipment yesterday and am conducting an experiment with the old and new combination skin care regimes. I think the new one is causing me a really mild rash I didn't get with the old, so I ordered a lot of the old. The experiment is to make sure that my guess is correct. I also got stuff called 'Cold War' which is honey with peppermint and elder flower extracts in it, and it's doing really nice things to a really dry throat and sinuses. It should be a good way for me to get liquids and the extracts, looked up in the herbal treatments for kids book, are safe for Jet. So that should be okay. They also included a nice, little tube of their ginger souffle, a really nice, light lotion that smells of ginger. I have use their grapefruit body souffle because I love how the scent of grapefruit cheers me up, but this ginger stuff is pretty neat.

It amuses me that I first stumbled across the Origins body products while looking for the Origins gaming convention.

More bath products that are food derivatives... though Lush really is the original. Thing is that Lush and the Body Shop are so completely into the 'from natural sources' stuff that I'm allergic to the things that both of them make. Nearly half of the things the Body Shop sells are things that make me sneeze or wheeze within minutes of applying them. Lush has a much better record, only two things really made it bad for me, the chocolate mint bath bombs were the worst, but all their bubble bath bars have worked for me, so far. I haven't had any extensive problems with anything from Origins, though, and they seem to test their products enough that I don't have a problem breathing at all, which is a very good thing. I love the scents, too. So that's good.

Ramble, ramble, ramble... I should get back to work...

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