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Fruit Names...

As I was carrying Jet up the stairs to go to bed...

"It's Jet-asaurus, Momma-roni (Jet's name for Pepperoni), Daddy-nana! That's the names." A pause, a thought. "It's good to call people food-names. Makes them laugh. Don't use potty names, it makes people mad. But food names are good! People think food names are funny and they laugh!"

I was very proud of him figuring that out.

It was interesting this weekend listening to Jet talk about how some of the boys he plays with the most worry him when they call him a meanie. He wants to be friends very badly, but, like me, takes a lot of negative comments in the moment as to mean something more general. It was very good to talk him through the fact that while he may have done something that the other boys didn't like so they called him names, the names weren't really about *him* but about what he was doing.

That he's now evolved a method for making "funny names" instead of "mad/hurt names" was very, very cool to see.
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