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Holy Week

It's been really, really busy.

Maudy Thursday was a Last Supper reinactment, with John as Jesus. It was frighteningly appropriate. I admit that I love John muchly for his ability to rule break and his evenhanded respect for every human being until they prove themselves incompitent, out to hurt people, or more interested in generating order above and beyond need.

Jet, just before the play began, wanted to BE WITH DADDY. He screamed to that affect in the midst of the play room, and when I explained that Daddy had to be in front of people without him for a little while. Just for the play. When the play was over, Jet whispered to me, "Can I go be with Daddy now?" I said, "Yes." and gave him a gentle push on his way. He ran over and curled up in John's lap and was very quiet for the rest of the service.

Friday I dealt with lots of small fires at work. I spoke to someone and was made more sane simply from that person being entirely reasonable.

I worked late trying to get status together.

Saturday we went into Boulder and I visited the recently opened Lush store and stocked up on a few things, including some things I'd just wanted, like the Coconut and Almond Smoothie (a cream shower soap). We also dropped by Frasca to buy someone a gift certificate. It was hushed and beautiful inside with excellent espresso equipment and a gorgeously simple decor and a leather curtain before the door. They did an electronic card, and now I'll have to go there sometime.

Sunday was Easter. When Jet got up he was amazed to find little chocolate "rabbit eggs" ALL over the house! He and John searched cheerfully while I slept in. We had a simple breakfast, and when we went to church I made coffee. I made gallons of coffee. More than three times the usual amount for the Sunday school and when I made coffee just before the end of the service, all but one of the regular coffee urns ran out before I had a refill ready. The decaf did okay.

Jet had a blast searching for eggs, and he was probably better off without me next to him, as I get a mit competitve. He was very, very content with what he got. He spent a lot of time opening the eggs and not eating the things he didn't want, jelly beans and malted center chocolate eggs, which made about three-quarters of his haul. Contrast this with another little boy who got so frustrated with trying to peel the foil off that he just stuffed them, with the foil, in his mouth and just chewed until he had a mouthful of foil... aiee. Jet ate a few things, gave the rest to me, and on the way home he didn't go to sleep.

We tried napping in front of the TV, but that didn't work. We finally fed him lunch and I hauled him on a grocery store trip and made him walk most of the way around the store. He fell asleep on the way home.

Nappies for everyone. Then Jet helped me plant a bunch of lettuce and green onions into a huge pot, and Jet placed the plants very carefully and scattered dirt everywhere. We both enjoyed that a lot.

Thursday and Friday and most of Saturday it was snowing. Sunday dawned clear, and got clearer and ended up around 60 as a high. And on Sunday we saw a Ferris Wheel go up at the mall parking lot, and since Jet had a nap, we decided to go there, after dinner.

It was a complete blast. Jet rode $20 worth of rides. We only rode the Ferris Wheel. Jet rode most of them by himself, including the three-story high slide and the Dragon rollercoaster (which had some really good swoops and turns). He was smiling so big. John had gone up the giant slide with Jet, and then got trapped up there as there were a LOT of kids going up after them. Jet rode once, met John on the stairs and they went back up, then Jet rode again. Then I sent Jet up again, to rescue his Daddy, and the two of them rode down together. Whew.

But Jet loved each of the long slides down that incredible height. I was impressed. He went to sleep very easily that night.

Monday was WARM, and Jet and I were very busy.

First we went to work and dropped off the gift certificate and the blanket I'd been working on for Chad's baby. I'd finished it on Friday and washed it and laid it out to dry for the weekend. So we delivered both of those before Jet saw the stream on the ground floor. He wanted to see it, so we went down and he saw it. He followed the stream outside, and I invited him to splash in a shallow part of it, as he had his Crocodile boots on. Then we kept going up and splashing in various areas. Then we found a dirt path, and he had to follow it, eventhough it led well away from the car.

So we did. We went up and around and into the trees by the buildings, across a bridge and we peered at stumps and leaves and a dry ditch. Exploring. Finally we found the car right in front of us! That was a very nice walk, and we both enjoyed it.

We went to the flower shop and on the way there, met a train, which we chased for a while until Jet was content at seeing both the diesel engines and the caboose at the end. Then we went to the shop and looked at fountains for quite a while and then bought some pansies ("I want yellow flowers!" declared Jet) for the flower tubs in the backyard.

From there we went to the library and got Jet some videos and I got some Prachett novels. I'm really hooked on the Sam Vimes books, and was very lucky to find the last two right there. Yay! I also borrowed Dan Simmons' Hard Cases.

We went home from there, had potty breaks, and had lunches. Big bowls of noodles and soup. Then John called to ask if we could go to Boulder to drop off the Eurovan for a checkup. I said we could and we did, and as soon as we pulled out of the driveway, Jet snuggled into his seat and went to sleep.

Smart boy.

He slept through the whole thing. Driving there, getting John, getting him to work, and then to home. I tucked his seat into the guest room and let him sleep for a good two hours. He woke up cheerful and ready to drink some chocolate milk. And then John called to say he was ready to go to the Rec. Center. So we loaded everything up and went and swam like crazy. Yay!

Dinner was at the Pumphouse, and I discovered their Spinach and Basalmic salad with a chunk of wild, Coho salmon and a lovely basalmic vinegarette. There was bacon, nuts, and lots of other good stuff in there, and, best of all, I could get a half order which filled me up nicely when paired with their gorgeously decadent root beer floats. Real ice cream and their own house-made root beer. Yum.

It was a great day. A really busy week before it, but Monday was a great day.

I'm very glad we're not sick, at all, anymore.

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