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Finally, A Day Off

First day off that wasn't a company holiday in a little while, and the very first, in a long while, that I didn't share the day off with John and Jet.

I took it easy for the first time in a while, though I did get up with Jet when he was up at 6 am. But he and I napped together on his bed until 7ish. Then I went back to bed as John's parents got up and John got up and Jet had plenty of people to play with. I slept another hour, then got up and took a long, hot bath with Lush's Ma Bar. Given the name I hadn't been able to resist. Mmmm... chocolate. Jet has really enjoyed his Little Monkey bubble bar and just bought himself a bright orange Hot Milk? (though he objected to calling it Hot Milk, he said, No, it's orange, how can it be milk if it's orange??).

I loved my bubble bath, it smelled sweet and chocolate and toffee and I stayed in it for hours and read and read and read Men at Arms by Pratchett. I'm really hooked on the Vimes books, but this was more about Carrot, the new "minority" recruits, and the whole of the Watch rather than just him. I loved it, especially *after* reading Fifth Elephant and getting the oblique references to Carrot's noble demeanor... :-) Fun.

I dried myself off, coated myself with artful things from Origins and Lush and then headed down for a soft-boiled egg with a toasted and honeyed English Muffin (no solders, *grin* for a really oblique reference to Night Watch). One thing I've always loved about the particulars of living at an altitude of more than a mile from sea level is that a medium soft boiled egg (solid whites and a creamy yolk) takes about seven minutes rather than the 3.5 to 4 minutes at sea level. Gives me more margin for error and egg sizes, and since I started buying farm eggs, it's been more important to compensate for size.

George was reading the paper, as my boys had gotten off to their daily needs well enough.

I read the last of by book, consumed three pots of tea (one of Golden Monkey and two of some pu-erh tablet or another I had of the six types of pu-erh I now carefully store), and then ran for the Westeminster AMC 14.

Traffic was non-existant and a normal 40 minute drive was done in 20 minutes. Plenty of time to hit the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company for a slab of macademia toffee, one Valencia mocha truffle, one strawberry cream, and one marzipan chocolate. The strawberry cream and the truffle were disappointments after Bernard C. hearts; but the rest was better than a whole box of Nestle Crunch nibblets. I got extremely lucky when I got my hot dog combo. The pop station ran out of syrup just before me, so when I got my half a gallon of pop it was soda water, unsweetened. No calories and exactly what I really wanted, but something they normally couldn't get me. So I lucked out and got exactly what I wanted by accident. Yay!

A man came up to complain about the lack of syrup as I walked away. :-)

I watched Miss Congeniality 2and loved it. It was a lot of chick-flick fun, and even if everyone else wants to see it, too, I won't regret doing it the Right Way.

On the way home I dropped by Shuttles, Spindles and Looms and had a great time finding deeply dyed medium wool for socks. Merino's great for sweaters, but wears like tissue paper, so I decided to get a good, medium wool for socks. I'd promised some people some handmade socks and I thought I'd stock up a bit.

Then through rush-hour traffic to go home. From there, the five of us went swimming. Jet got hungry and tired pretty fast, so we showered after about an hour and then headed to Souper! Salad! and we all enjoyed our dinner. It's always good when folks can customize their food. Jet just wasn't eating all that much, but he was cheerful enough and loved pushing his chair around to get it parked correctly. That was fun.

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