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A very busy time for all

Isabel and George arrived Wednesday night. I had made a roast chicken and we had a good dinner. Jet was so excited he hadn't slept well and was talking a mile a minute the whole way home.

Thursday Jet went to school, Isabel and George learned the routine and got called on being at the pre-school when the folks there didn't recognize them. They weren't in the computer. I'm going to have to make sure my parents are in there before they get here. It was pretty cold and wet. We went swimming at the Rec. Center and after a full day at school, Jet was so tired that after about half an hour he wanted to go get goldfish. We managed to eke out another fifteen minutes of swimming before going to the Souper Salad.

Friday warmed up so John went with his parents to the railway museum. Jet enjoyed that a lot.

Saturday was warm, and we headed into Boulder for the Farmer's Market's First Day. That was very good. I even got tamales and pignoli. Isabel bought me a bunch of blood-red lilies that were gorgeous, smooth as satin with a few unopened buds. I also bought a tiny sage plant that I hope to raise to be a Big Honkin' plant. :-) I'll be planting all the herbs out in the planting box this year. We also hit Lush and I returned the Ooo La La, as it was too overpowering, for some Olive Oil soap and Jungle conditioner. I also got to spend some time at the Peppermill and found a very nice thermal flask for coffee for Isabel to use after she'd brewed her decaf.

That night we had an excellent dinner and then ice cream at Bob and Mai's house. Jet loved seeing them, and was cheerfully aminable to watching Lion King while the adults talked and talked.

Sunday we all went to church. Jet got invited to a birthday party. We mostly putzed around the house for the afternoon as Jet was invited to play at his friends' house and he went and slip and slid and played in the giant sandbox.

Monday George, Isabel, Jet and I went to the Red Barn park, the Library, and then up north to the farmers' store and got to see big barrels of live chicks being sold for a buck or two. There were a few kids at the park, and Jet initially complained about it not being Joanie's Park, but after that he played pretty happily. The Library was a draw for everyone that needed more reading material, and a good look at the model train. Then the bitty chicks and ducklings were fascinating for everyone. There were so many varieties it was impressive, and they had quite a few of the Easter Egg chickens, which lay eggs colored from regular brown to nearly turquoise or khaki colored. They were so *cute*! Mmm... egg chickens. Long life and a more balanced one than the meat chicks (Cornish roasters) that were dressing sized (3-4 pounds) in a mere 7 weeks. Eek.

The afternoon was a nap and another trip to the Rec. Center, and this time we had quite a longer time in the pools. Jet was very happy to play with a bigger girl, but when Orion showed up with his family, he was easily convinced to just play with them. He had a blast and we stayed nearly 90 minutes. We had dinner at Efrain III's to mixed results, but Jet plowed through a bowl of chips, two corn tortillas, and half a strawberry soda.

Tuesday was work for John and I, and in the evening all of us went to Crackpots and painted sandwich plates, as we'd broken enough of the ones that we'd originally bought that we thought we should get some more. So everyone got a cleaned of plate, and they all painted what they wanted on the plates. That was a lot of fun. I got to do the aspen tree I'd partially done outside the bowl I'd given to Empty Bowls. Isabel did a gorgeous Iris. George did a plate full of fruit. The boys found cool stencils and after John traced whatever items Jet wanted onto it, Jet did the careful painting of the train, the palm tree, the scattering of hearts, the bumble bee, and all the other objects on it. Then John did some highlighting and they got big stamps to stamp "JET" on the plate. John now needs to do one of his own.

Wednesday Isabel and George took Jet out of school at noon and met up with Joan at the HUGE playground by Creekside development. John and I went there to eat our lunch with everyone, and had a good time watching Jet and Haley play and eat together. It'd been a while since they'd seen each other. Jet bonked his head on some equipment, and came crying to me. Poor guy. But he seemed very happy when we left.

I had a massage appointment in the evening, so John dropped me off, did stuff, and then came back and got me. We tried to go to Tortuga's, but they were packed. So we headed to Pinocchio's. They were busy but we could get a table, and I enjoyed my manicotti and cranberry-lime soda. Yum. John had a Dead Guys' ale and the two of us got to have a real conversation without any interruptions! :-) I love Jet, but sometimes it's still nice to be away for a bit.

When we got home Jet was cuddled up with Grandpa and was crying quietly. "My eyes want to leak water..." he said matter-of-factly. Isabel and George said that Jet had been perfectly polite all evening, and had done very well with them. He'd eaten two big hashbrown patties ("mashed potato chickens" I'm impressed they figured out what he really meant) and done well with the potty after his nap. He told me he wanted to put on his pajamas. So we went upstairs and had a quiet talk about Mommy and Daddy having to be at work and that Jet felt "much worse" when he was alone. Poor guy. He had been pretty unhappy and cried for a while in my lap about being "left alone" for the evening. I guess it's been a while since we've done that, and we need to do it more often or else he's going to really be unable to deal with being without us when my parents are here.

We cuddled a lot and I read him books and he read his picture books, and we studied trains together, and he was really into the Paddington novels I had started. A bear in a train station is pretty interesting now, and he doesn't seem to need any pictures to follow the story any more. That's pretty cool. He seemed happier when he fell asleep.

I'm taking tomorrow off. Today's been busy as anything.

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