Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Whole Week?

I can't quite believe it's been a whole week. At the moment, Jet and I are on our own for a few days as John's in San Jose for a business trip. John was up at 5 am to get ready to go, and Jet was up at 4 and at 5:30, but went back to sleep, with me as a security blanket until nearly 8, so we were good and late for his school and I nearly missed the beginning of my first meeting. Oops. Heh.

It's been on again and off again beautiful, beautiful rain. Saturday was so sunny it was nearly summer feeling, 80's and so bright John got burnt. We played and worked outside a lot, and I got three tomato plants planted, my rosemary finally in the garden as a test thing so that I can figure if I really want to plant the garlic chives on the ground. I got the thyme into a herb box, and found four baby mint plants trying their best to take over the thyme pot. So I put them into their own box along with a whole envelope of mint seeds. I'll have plenty of mint.

The basil plants were really sad, so I put more seeds in that box, and then planted cilantro, parsley, and more green onions as we eat them pretty quickly. Jet got two whole rows of sunflower seeds in last week and they're starting to come up. There are now two hills of pickling cumbers and zucchini. I'm leery of planting TEN zucchini seeds, but we'll see what comes up. With a real hill arrangement, I should probably pick them back to two plants per hill and find the fruit early rather than late (mmm... zucchini blossom sandwiches).

I was sore by that evening, and we hot tubbed with Tonya, Tanner, and Macy and then went out and did some very lazy grocery shopping.

Sunday was raining, and church and a youth pancake breakfast. I donated two pairs of handknit socks and we'll see how they do. We roasted a chicken for dinner, and I had the leftovers for lunch today.

Jet's been great. It amazes me what he's capable of, now, and he'll happily play with just about everything, and he's telling stories, and LOVES the Carl books that Kathy gave Fezzik when Fezzik was a puppy. Jet loves the stories about the dog that he doesn't have to have someone else read the words to for him. He's really into them now, and has a stack of seven or eight of them that he's wearing down happily. He's getting into the Blue's Clues counting and reading software and is winning buku bucks with every session, so that he's building some pretty astonishing toys from various bits and pieces. It's fun seeing him do that.

We've also started "vegetables" and the concept of "If you eat these you get a treat, but if you choose not to eat them, that's fine." He's forgone ice cream to avoid a string bean, but he's happily eaten peas, carrots, pickled cucumbers, seaweed, and lettuce and gotten pie, cake, ice cream, or candy as his after-dinner treats. So he's getting it and I'm very happy to say that he's actually eating SOME vegetable now, on a weekly basis. Much better than anything up to this point. He's tested the refuse the vegetable rule a few times and found that it holds and we'll happily hold the vegetable for later if he wants to change his mind. That's worked out really well.

John's gone to a lot of trouble and we've finally picked out "mown grass" and "antique white" as the new colors for the house, rotted window edging and peeling paint have made it imperative that we just do it this summer. So we've supplied everything to the HOA for approval and we'll see how it goes. John's getting estimates on the work and folks have been really great about being prompt. Tis the season the painters set up their summer's work, so it's been busy for them. That's cool.

I've been plowing through three or four Pratchett novels a week. It's been very good, though I dream in Ankh-Morpork. It's been nice.

Work's burying me, which is why the long silences. I have an offsite, myself, in a couple of weeks, and am doing a ton of customer interviews and just talking to random people about all kinds of things. I am enjoying that. I've traded Mondays and Fridays with John and it was really, really weird to work Friday, just have my weekend off and then go right into work on Monday again. Yeesh. The things a human being gets used to. :-) I felt bereft without my extra day off.

I had a dentist appointment on Monday and it just POURED. It's with a new dentist as the last one was having me come in every three months and it didn't feel quite right. This dentist collaborated my feelings and said that if I did a little better job on flossing, I'd be just fine. Even the hygenist was shaking his head at asking me to come in every three months when I really didn't need it, no bleeding gums, just some really deep pockets here and there. So I just have to be careful, as I've had to all my life, and I'll do okay, I think.

Jet's first cleaning is going to be next week. That should be interesting. He's gotten really good at letting John and I floss him and get our fingers into his mouth, so I think he'll do okay, but we'll see.

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