Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

damn damn damn...

A Hard freeze is coming and staying a couple of days, and my poor plants are outside and having to withstand it. Though I did bring in the extra tomato plants, the one in the pot, the garlic chives still in their pot (too lazy after a whole DAY of planting) and the lettuce flat in. The basil is done for. It's going to be frozen solid, poor things.


I picked him up late at school due to a late meeting, and he was cheerful enough. He did demand to go to "the hot chocolate place" and got a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream. He ate off all the cream with a spoon, snarfed down a solid-chocolate Matchbox-like car, and then drank about an inch of hot chocolate and tried to show all his cars to the man trying to read a book in a sofa next to us. He introduced himself while I wandered off to peer at some teas, and then proceeded to bother the poor man until the guy paid Attention and played with each of Jet's cars.

Introvert that I am, it mildly embarrassed me; but it was entirely safe with me right there. Eventually, though I asked Jet if he wanted to go swimming, and I dumped half his hot chocolate when he said he was done.

It was raining when we went out, the hard, cold rain that comes down fast enough to soak when it comes down, here. I miss the Seattle falling-mists that never really get you THAT wet, even though the humid cold cuts right to the bone if you don't bundle up. Jet went into the van easily, and when we got to the Rec. Center, he did his level best to trot alongside me as we ran to the door.

We had a blast in the pool. The play pool's water was so warm it made my cold, wet, snow sodden feet tingle. We swam for more than an hour, and at a bit past 7 I finally had to lure Jet out with the promise of goldfish. He complied, and was happy playing in the shower while I washed myself down and then him. He let me dry off and dress first, and then cheerfully came out when I was ready to dry him off and dress him.

We went to Saigon Express for dinner, and the first thing out of the waitress's mouth was, "Where's your husband?" Hee. They know us. Jet haphazardly plowed through noodles and rice and a whole cup of coconut juice. He liked the juice a lot. When we got home, he played a bit, while I talked with John and pulled in what plants I could, and then went right to bed when I asked him to find some trains to take up with him. He did one Carl book and went fast to sleep.

He was up at 3 and at 5, so I didn't sleep that well, still we didn't get up until 7:30.

So we were half an hour late for his pre-school, but there were *dozens* of parents in late this morning. I guess the snow got everyone off to a slow start.

Jet has a Cough, but I looked into his throat and it doesn't seem to be that bad. A single cough drop and he didn't do it the scary way anymore. There's one case of strep that was found at his pre-school in the Older Class and they quarantined the girl pretty quickly. I can hope he didn't get it. We both had fizzy drinks (Airborne) with our breakfasts, and my first meeting got canceled. Whew. So I get to do some good customer questions to be reviewed by other folks.

It is also Picture Day at Jet's school, and he was happy to dress up in his parrot shirt and some jeans. The last time he had a real sitting was when he was 18-months-old and could just be trusted to sit up on his own and he nearly fell off trying to grab one of the toys the photographer had left by the platform. They were some very cute pictures since, as usual, Jet was very easy to make laugh. He'll be a bit more sophisticated this time, I think, but they should be fun.

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