Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Iiiiit's Snowtime!

Damn. After two weeks of Seattle-like summer weather, it looks like a goshdang Christmas card, other than the bright tulips getting smashed by the snow, the cherry tree blossoms coated with a fine sheen of ice, and the astonishingly deep green of the grass when it does peek through the snowdrifts.

Five inches in the still parts of the garden. Feet up in the mountains. The tomatoes are dead, but I still have the three I saved, and I think I'll wait until Mother's Day, like most sane Coloradans do. I have one of them in a HUGE pot, the other two might get a transplant so they can keep growing.

Jet and I had yesterday off, and we ran around a little after a quiet morning. I have Jet's cold now, running nose, caked up eyes, and a sinus that would like to kill me every morning. I now know why Jet wanted to drink a ton of liquids and avoid eating. Now he's eating to make up for it and doing an excellent job of it on waffles, noodles with cheese, and hot chocolate.

One of the things I broke down and bought was a $60 pump espresso machine by... hides face... Mr. Coffee. Actually, the technical specs on the thing is impressive, and after Anita's sweetie turned me onto the beast, I really checked it out. I now have a "me spending" budget per month (after blowing a huge wad in the last three months through sheer depression, it felt better to budget some money for my hobbies and stuff and stick to it. It does feel a lot better), and it fit what I had left. As part of that spree, I'd spent over $100 on my grinder (a Solis burr), and that seems to be the most important part of the process anyway.

Jet and I bundled up to go out. Jet wore his Jester's hat and the coat Mom bought him (which is, thank goodness, still Way Too Big for him, so he'll have some chance of at least starting the next cold season in it. Yes, I split Colorado seasons into just Cold and Hot) and his crocodile boots and charmed pretty much every one he saw. Including three different store clerks he walked right up to and asked, "Do you have a sled for four-year-olds?" I had to interprete for one clerk, but the others got it and one of them even spoke directly back to Jet to say that she was sorry, but they weren't stocking sleds anymore. Eventhough there's a darned half-foot of snow on Jet's sledding slopes. Sniff. Jet took it far better than I did.

We also got bagels, and when John came home early, we headed off and saw "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" which was a very mild PG indeed, and Jet enjoyed it a great deal, though he was a bit tense when Ford and Arthur were tied up by the Vogons. Smashing the crab was just a bit TOO graphic, but everything else was entirely nice enough for Jet, though some of the humor went right over his head, as is to be expected. It was very faithful, for me at least, to the original spirit of the books, and both John and I enjoyed it a great deal.

We headed home, made fresh ramen for dinner, and listened to "What do you know?" Nice, quiet evening after the mess of the last few days.

This morning I woke up with my eyes nearly glued shut by yuck. Jet had this on Wednesday morning, I felt mildly sick with the sinus thing. But Jet and John were in Jet's bathroom, with Jet taking a bath. When they were done, we went downstairs and while John had had half a pot of coffee, he was intrigued by my espresso machine. So I went through the "first cycle" stuff, and then tried to make him a two-shot mocha with newly ground espresso beans and myself a one shot latte from the pods included with the machine (which were just expired as they'd been packed in there nearly a year ago. yeesh.. pods...).

I did it, but it was a first try and, of course, I didn't do that well at it all. Learning that the on/off button sticks on its own and isn't something you just hold down (like it seemed to be for the cleaning out) was a big thing. Also getting the steam valve completely shut off so that the steam ready light could actually go on was another first-time thing. :-) It was pretty funny; but I learned enough that when I made my second shot, it was a lot smoother and I was actually able to do some nice microfoam when I left off the silly foaming attachment. Yay for learning!

John made whole wheat waffles. Jet demanded a hot chocolate from "Mommy's hot chocolate machine!" He says he loves mochas... warm hot chocolates, that is. :-)

We had breakfast. We putzed around the house. John went off to serve and clean up an OUR Center lunch. Jet and I had our lunch, and then we went to Target and with Jet's ten stamps he bought TWO battery powered motorboats, which he and John are now using out in the hot tub. Big, feathery snow is falling on them, but the water is hot enough that it's just charming, not a bother. Jet was very cute walking through the snow to Target, as he didn't want his hood, he wanted his jester's hat. So he had it on and got comments everywhere. He now says, "Thank you." when someone says that to him, and it takes some people by surprise. It's funny how alarming a very polite child can be.

Okay.. charming, too, to folks that obviously hadn't had any kids, but I saw at least two pairs of eyes go very big when he said, "Thank you." to them.

When we got home, John came home and they're out and I have a little time to myself, and I'm torn between reading something and napping to beat this stupid cold/infection. We'll see.

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