Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Getting To Work

Since the snow, all three of us have been sick. Jet, being well fed, sleeping whenever he needs to, and with a young immune system seems to have thrown it off in less than a week. John and I fared less well.

What made it so frustrating was that this week I'd scheduled nearly a dozen interviews with various customers. It's the first large-scale (okay, 12 may be small to start, but it's HUGE compared to years and years of ONLY listening to people when they complain) effort on my part to actually do my job of "customer advocate". Next week is an off-site in San Jose where I'm supposed to present all this information, and if I couldn't get it...

I had some stuff already. But I'm doing the interviews and they're turning out great. Lots of good information about several things that I can knit together into something more coherent for my developers to strategize to. Things that really have to be addressed and have been ignored due to comfort levels (okay, I KNOW Unix and Linux are easier to work on and are stronger, more robust, etc. but, damnit, 80% of our external users are Windows users and 100% of our Field Engineers are equiped with NOTHING but Windows boxes, so we damn well better have Windows working and beat it up ourselves before we hit embarrassing problems like not being able to work, at all, with Windows security turned on. Yes, yes, it's a piece of shit, but damnit, it's what we get paid for.). Ahem.

But I'm well enough to do the interviews, and if I turn into a vector for the rest of the company, so be it. At least half of the interviews are over the phone. Okay... until we're in SJ next week. Then John and I can take our virii and RULE THE EARTH!


Jet's been awesome this whole time, cheerful, easy to take care of, and fun to be with. I asked him for forgiveness last night when I was tired and cranky and trying to get him to settle down enough to go to bed and he dimpled at me, I think because he understood what it was I was asking for, and said, "Sure, Mom" obligingly and added, "An' I'm sorry for arguing, a little bit. F'give me, too?" "Sure, Jet. I forgive you." And he grinned big and we had a good hug and he kissed my nose and did everything when I asked him to.


He's looking forward to his grandparents coming, and I *think* I got the concept through to him that he was going to be with Gung Gung and Poa Poa for three days, without us. He's said that he was going to be alone that whole time, and cuddled a Hot Wheels car as a companion for that time. I may get him something on Sunday to "be" with him while we're gone, along with a picture of the three of us as a kind of promise that we'll be back. I'm sure he'll be safe and okay, but it'll be hard to be away.

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