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The Mountain Outside My Window

I found an empty cubby on the other side of the wall from the other Colorado folks. It's right next to the Windows, which are floor to ceiling to let light into the rest of the building. And on the other side of the windows is the 85 and Mountains of Green. Trees everywhere, a few tiled roof houses, and mostly green, green and craggy and clouds, lots of fluffy white clouds running into the mountains and splattering said windows with rain.

I can see the clouds moving.

John and I got up at 5:30. John said bye to Jet while Jet was asleep. Then we had some breakfast, and got ready to go and right, bang at 6. Jet gets up and says, "Some thing's wrong with my nose, Momma..."

And, sure enough, he had a bloody nose, and I wiped up his nose with a cold, wet cloth while John finished up what he was doing. I gave Jet a good, long hug and said that I loved him, and he looked a little bewildered, but gave me a hug back and let me go...

Dad was up and dressed and ready to take on the Task, and distracted Jet by asking him what he wanted to wear, and they were off to a good start as John and I ran for the car and headed into Longmont to pick up Andy, whom we took with us and carpooled to DIA. We were about 20 minutes late from the Ideal Start, but got to the airport and the gate in plenty of time. That was very good.

I napped a little on the plane, then did a lot of stuff, like writing a couple of presentations.

Then we got here, and I got to see my direct report, Ken, whose a decade or more older and more experienced and opinionated and it was great to see him. :-) We had fun talking for his 1:1 and I joined a bunch of guys for lunch. That was fun, too. Yay! I got to see some folks that I've worked with for a while, but never seen in person, just on the video and it's very different!! Wahoo! So that's been very cool.

I miss my big boy. But it's good to be really able to sit down and concentrate and it'll be good to go to real Chinese food tonight. :-)

I ran my presentations by my guys and they're good with them, so that should be a useful thing, all in all.

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