Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Retail Therapy

We had a pretty great weekend, even though Jet got up at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday, as he was just into having an early morning on top of the time change... oops. Luckily, we'd gone to bed 'early' the night before and John got eight hours before that happened.

Lots of food therapy for me this weekend. I think it was all the stress from work, which should end in the next two weeks or so, and all the stress and sadness from having to have a filling refilled and not having it done, yet. So all that has added up and I was feeling sad, stressed out and wanting to do something special for myself. And that usually has to do with food for me.

Thing is that it has to be good food, and it has to make me feel good, so it can't just be a binge on something, it has to be something that is balanced enough that afterwards I feel better rather than even worse.

So Friday evening I made Shanghai tea cakes, which are super flaky little things filled with bacon, ham, and green onions, but I used turkey bacon, smoked turkey for the ham, and just as much of the scallions. I also cut the shortening from nearly two cups to less than half a cup in the shells, and still got a shatteringly crisp and flaky crust. They're made from two doughs, one with just shortening, the other with shortening and water, and I layered them by wrapping the shortening dough in the other, rolling it out, flattening a jelly roll made from the piece, and then doing it again so there were thousands of layers for each piece. I wrapped the filling in the shells, brushed egg wash on them, coated their tops with sesame seeds and then baked them. They came out wonderfully, the shells crisp and super layered, the filling savory and salty and a little sweet with the onions. It tasted like a little piece of my childhood, as Mom and Dad used to make these little things, with all the fat, when they were in Indiana and going to special parties.

So even with all the fat cutting I did from the recipe, it turned out to taste really good, which I really liked.

The second food thing we did was going to the diner that's just a few miles away along the main freeway near here, and have breakfast. I got corned beef hash and eggs. They did the medium eggs perfectly, the whites were completely cooked and the yolks were thickened and creamy. The corned beef has was fried crisp and was salty and wonderful with the eggs and the mildly anemic regular hash browns. I also asked for the 'dollar pancakes' instead of toast or a biscuit and they gave me three six inch pancakes, half of one of which Jet managed to get partially into him, partially all down the front of himself, and also generously sprinkled over the floor. That was fun. He looked really content after he actually fed himself significant amounts of 'real' food for possibly the first time.

From there we headed for my third bit of food therapy, which was a Harry and David's outlet north of here. There's the usual bland outlet mall out in the middle of no where. Harry and David's is a significantly over-priced produce ordering house. Their stuff costs a lot. But I found, last year, that their produce is nearly as good as their pricing would indicate, which is pretty darned good. I loved their Royal Rivera pears, especially the cheaper Mavericks, which have more... uhm.. personality but taste just as creamy and wonderful. It's definitely a treat to get something from them. I got the pears, added a bag of double dipped macadamia nuts, a low fat chocolate cake brick, and two bags of Moose Munch, i.e. caramel corn with cashews and almonds all coated in dark chocolate. Yum. John got a big bag of black licorice, in the mood for Halloween. And I was pretty much set.

Then we headed to the Bose outlet and were cheerfully sucked in by a nice pair of speakers that we can wall mount out of Jet's reach. We have two monster horn speakers that basically take up both corners of our living room, and John's been wanting to sell them for quite some time, but wanted something to replace them that we wouldn't wince at hearing. And the medium sized Bose speakers fit the bill nicely. So music, the food of lovers, was added to our little bit of retail therapy.

So that was pretty cool.

We spent a lot of Sunday wallowing in huge boxes of clothing from Joan, as she was about to send all the stuff Alex had grown out of to some charity, and she thought it'd be fine if we went through them all first. So we did. Jet had a great time crawling through all the clothing, and we pulled out all the stuff we liked and still fit Jet. There was a whole lot of stuff. Wow, there was a lot of stuff. So he is now probably outfitted through his first year and into his second, easily. Joan says Jet's like another of her kids, except she gets to hand him back. <s;grin>s; So Jet's getting to wear Alex's hand-me-downs. It certainly makes having a kid a lot cheaper. Whew.

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