Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Gosh... I'm sore.

We rode our bikes to Home Depot this evening, and I pulled Jet's trailer behind my bike. A guy coming out of Home Depot was all admiration for the cart. We took all the back ways there, off the main roads and only crossing one when we had to. John had a path all picked out, and it was interesting weaving through everything with him. I was half lost part of the time, but it was a very quiet way to get to Jet's pre-school. I might have to pick Jet up at the school someday, and this would be an easy way to do it.

We got strange things like fly swatters, bird netting (to keep the birds off of Jet's sunflowers and my lettuce), and light bulbs and night lights. It was fun.

I hurt, though. We came home and on the way home Jet asked if he could have a hot dog and chips when he got home. He was pretty hungry. I was impressed as he went right through the hot dog and a couple leaves of spinach, fresh from the farmer's market, yesterday. He ate 'em right up along with some of the root beer he and I had made a couple of weeks ago. I found that putting them in the refrigerator cooled the gases enough to compress them enough that the pop didn't foam up everywhere when I opened them. Good thing we're at the end of the homemade pop. I guess I should make more.

We started the day by trying out Einstein's and were thoroughly disappointed. As John later said, "Luna's is better in pretty much EVERY way... and on the way to church, too, so if we're doing Sunday breakfast out, I'd rather go there."

The rest of the morning was spent at church. John had confirmation duties for the confirmands, so we stayed until nearly noon. Jet was restless for everything. Sunday school was a complete zoo as all the kids went whacko. Even quiet, sweet Grace said, "NO!" to something the teacher said, and surprised everyone. I had a little quiet time until I found out no one was making coffee. So I did. I also found one of the ladies that had won a pair of my handmade socks and I cheerfully measured her all up. The kids ran wild, afterwards, going to the birthday celebration. Blue Pop-Tarts didn't help. Jet and I ran laps a few times, outside and in before trying to sit down in the sanctuary. He ran back out pretty quickly, and we played in the play room for a bit, then went back in and he sat quietly in my lap as we watched the oaths being taken with John up front, helping.

I then did some high-speed Jet wrangling as the other kids started running around out in the hallway, and we played toys with them for a while before the lady in charge of the room got tired of it all and went to listen to the music. We then had a whole pew full of pre-schoolers dancing to the music and clapping and really getting into it around mildly annoyed, very quiet parishers. Some were enjoying the kids, though, and that was very neat.

By the time church finally let out, I was exhausted. John finally took over, and I stopped for a bite to eat and a mug of coffee. The lady that had won the baby booties for the youth auction and she said that she really needed another pair and was willing to pay me another $10. So I ducked into the library and found a quiet corner and earned myself $10 in about ten minutes, as I had a pair nearly all done up. I just had three rows to finish on the last one and some sewing up to do. So I handed over a pair of the booties when I came out of the room. I wasn't sure if I'd be at church next week. So it was good to get it just done.

We finally left at 12:30. Whew. We went and got the plates from Crackpots and they'd turned out beautifully! Mom had done some gorgeous work with seaweed and fish and Dad had done really nice work on a Happiness symbol, a really intricate snowflake, and our names, all in Chinese calligraphy around the side. Wow. They turned out really nicely, and Mom and Dad had signed the bottoms. We have plenty of sandwich plates, now! Yay!

Jet had finally gotten his ten stamps, and he'd been studying the catalog to the point where he really, really, really wanted a new engine that pulled apple carts. That was cool. We went to Mrs. Toad's and they'd JUST gotten the new shipment so he was able to get what he'd really wanted. Hoorah! He was so keyed up to get the train and so happy when he'd gotten it that he wasn't sleeping a wink then.

John, however, after lunch, napped on the couch. Jet and I played outside for a while, and I took care of garden stuff and roasted coffee for the week. Jet got tired of being out there with me, and finally he went inside, and I saw him climb up next to John, and curl up right next to John to take a little nap with him right there. So I went back outside and dug up the old tomato plant remains, and put in the new plants that had been safe inside. I also got the garlic chives from the guest room, and plunked them out only to find that they were SO root bound that I had to chop them down the middle to get any plants out of that mass. The roots were so thick along the bottom of the pot there simply was no more dirt in there! Wow. I was pretty amazed.

Mom and Mei and Dad all say that the garlic chives will do better if they're planted outside. I'm less sure. They're like grass, and here, grass always dies off when it's in full sun for most of the afternoon. Even with a ton of water. I guess I'll just have to water 'em a lot, or something, but they may well like the sunshine. We'll see. I planted them out by the zucchini, so some of them might get a little shade for relief by the time it's really hot.

Then Jet climbed on top of John to play with him and had an accident. Oops. So I helped clean up. And John brought up the Home Depot shopping list, so off we went.

I took an ibuprofen. I hope it helps. The Lotradine seems to have helped my early morning blahs and my afternoon along with the ride was good. I was breathing just fine. Whew.

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