Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Finally Home

Slept in this morning, as Mom and Dad has said that they're take care of getting Jet to school. Jet never even knew we were there...

So we got into work really late. I had a 10:30 meeting with my boss.

We had a mini-review, and it looks like I'm getting promoted. Wow. That was very cool. Then we talked another hour and a half about another problem he's having. Which was cool in an entirely different way. I can help. Wow.

So I was late to the group lunch, bought way too much food, but got to eat some of it while talking to people.

We headed home at 4.

There was a Jet!

I think he was as happy to see us as we were to see him. Wow.

It was so cool to talk with him and talk with my parents, and find that they'd all had a lot of fun, were talking together really well and getting their own relationship going. I think it's important that Jet have his own relationship with my parents, based on what he experiences of them. It's cool for him to know them and explore them in ways I never could with my grandparents. And it was very gratifying to see that they really did enjoy and learn from each other. Wow.

We then piled into the car and headed down to Boulder to the China Gourmet where we were able to meet up with Bob, Mei, and Andrew. Jet loved Andrew on first sight, and they had fun together while the dinner went on and on. Andrew, who is a waiter on the weekends, did a lot of the serving, and that was very, very helpful and nice. It was a blast. We had a great time, and we really enjoyed the whole thing. The food was wonderful, and it was fun to see Mom talking with Mei about things and they spent most of the evening speaking Mandarin with each other, and being very, very comfortable. I loved that.

Turned out that the scallion pancakes were actually made with a yeast dough! I'm going to have to try that.

We had a great evening, and Jet was so happy to go on a piggy-back ride with Andrew afterwards. Then we went home, and just talked for a while, and it was good to find that the parents had had a really good time and to hear about it. It was a pleasure to be with them and just get a chance to talk for a bit. They're leaving in the morning, early, so this was, really, our only chance. So it was good to take advantage of it.

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