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I was up at 6 and got ready to go to the airport with my parents. Right before we left, I went to get Jet, and he was already awake behind his door, patiently putting back together the Legos he'd dropped out of his bed. They'd naturally fallen apart, and he was putting them back together again.

Jet's getting to be a real wizard with Lego, and building a bunch of stuff on his own. When he wants something, he'll pick all the bricks and build exactly what he wants out of it. It amazes me what variation he's already getting, and how he's just fitting it all together quite patiently. Wow. He's just four, and his hands are just barely strong enough to put a 2x6 brick together and pull it part. He uses his jaws/teeth for bigger pieces or things that are hard to do. I guess he figured out that they're stronger than his hands. We're trying to stop him from doing that, but...


He was ready to go in his pajamas and we put on a fresh pull-up and he headed for the van. Mom got a bunch of breakfast food for him, and he had a four-course breakfast on the way there, and talked with them the whole way over. I was pretty tired from my trip, still, but had plenty of steam to get them there in plenty of time for their plane. Jet got out of his seat to give them hugs good-bye, and we pulled away.

I called Envision in Boulder and they were open, so we headed there, and I finally picked up the contact lenses I'd ordered more than a month ago. Jet found some toys there, so I asked to use the bathroom, and went and did my stuff while I could and came back to Jet pulling apart a doll house and doing the voices for everyone getting out of the house due to a fire. I could see the receptionist looking a little bit grim; and I felt like a bad Mom for leaving him in a mildly public place just so I could relieve myself, but heck... he was happy and busy and was safe this time.

We went around the corner to a little, local coffee shop and Jet got a hot chocolate with whipped cream, and I got a mocha with less milk, and Jet ate whipped cream while I drank my much needed caffeine. We went home from there.

I was cranky tired. Jet wanted to go swimming. I refused. I got cranky. Jet asked, "Why are you so angry?" when he'd thrown his swim suit in the air and hit me by accident. I told him that I was tired and hungry and just being cranky. He thought about it. "Why don't you eat some lunch, then we can go to McDonald's."

Yes. I always eat something real before taking Jet to MackyD's. He wanted to go to the BIG ONE, so I packed up all the library stuff that was due, and we went and dropped all that off before heading more North. Then we went in, we did the potty thing and washed hands, and then got Jet his food, and he ate and then ran off to play. "I'm giving you some time," he said, "so you'll be less cranky."

I peered after him in astonishment as he ran off. He knows me far too well.

I then proceeded to tear apart two socks that had holes in the soles of their feet. One was half silk and half other stuff and the silk had crumbled to a sticky mass of broken threads. I thought I'd put the silk in to be stronger than the wool; but it's so fine, I guess the wear really just made it fall apart! Oops. But I gradually and patiently unwound the mass of stuff, and got the two socks down to where I could redo the toes.

Jet then came by, "Ice cream time." He announced it matter-of-factly. So we got ice cream. He got his M&M thing and I splurged in a small hot fudge sundae. We ate our ice cream and headed home and down into the cool of the basement. His McD's toy was a Bandicoot, so he wanted to see someone play the *real* Bandicoot games, so we did that until John came home.

John then took Jet to swimming while I went up to my bed and went out like a light at a bit before 4:30. The phone rang at 6. It was my parents to say that they were home safe. Yay! I'm glad that they got home fine.

Then at 6:30 the boys called me to say that they were going to Salad, so I got up and met them there. Jet was sitting on some rocks studying a small book. He looked up, "Oh, hi, Mom! It's a NEW catalog! See! See! I want this one!" Hee. He then started scheming about how he could just get more stamps... oops. We said, "If you want more stamps, you have to stay clean and dry, like you did the last few days."

We went home and Tonya had to use our scanner, so she and Macy and Tanner came over and I played with the kids while John took care of what Tonya needed. That was a nice interlude. The days are definitely getting longer, and Tonya and I talked seeds for a bit before they headed back home.

It's good to be back home.

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