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Got kudos from my boss on my specification. Lots of it, and he basically said that it was exactly what he wanted, just before the whole engineering group plowed in and told me exactly what was wrong with it. laughter

So that was cool.

Also, over the weekend, taking advice from , we bought a portable fencing/pen thingy. It's a good 15 feet of plastic fencing with safe, baby-climbable joints. We've set it in the office so that Jet can no longer get under my chair's wheels, under the desks, and into all the cords. He has half the room, though, to roam about in and play with all the toys, which is really cool. We tried it out last night, and Jet was so fascinated with the fencing itself that he never got around to being fussy about being on a different side of it than me. We'll see how long that lasts, but in the meantime it should make today better.

We're getting into all the reviews of the stuff I wrote. With all the weeks I put into it, I shouldn't be surprised that it's taking a good, long time. It'll be several days before the review is done, and then I'll get to fold stuff in. Whee...

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