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The Best Part of Part III

When a certain character burst into flames, a small voice sitting next to me said, very clearly, "Oh, that's not good."

It reminded me of the time the van battery died, when Jet was much, much younger and he said exactly the same phrase.

It was in the mid-nineties here today. Ugh.

Jet got up and came to my side of the bed and whispered at me until I woke up and I went and slept in his bed, with him for a while. Next thing I know, he's singing while playing with Legos on the floor. Next thing I know he's saying he has to go to the potty and he's sitting in his bathroom sounding remarkably like Boo from Monster's Inc. and it's nearly 8. Hm. I get up, put myself together, and I persuade Jet that, no, he cannot go get bagels while he's stark naked. He's not convinced easily.

But we go and get bagels and "we no scare nobody witha nekkid little boy" in Jet-parlance.

Mickey C's didn't have the half sesame, half poppy bagels, but they did have green chile ones and Jet demanded that we get three plain bagels. So I did.

I go home and make mochas for John and I. John has his with straight cocoa powder, no sugar, eight ounces of milk and plenty of foam. I have mine with only 6 ounces of 1% milk and Hershey's syrup as someone left a whole bottle of it from one of our shingdings of the last few weeks. The espresso comes out really, really well, in exactly 24 seconds I have mildly less than two ounces of creamy espresso with thick, golden crema with little, dark flecks, and it's really, really good. I'm getting the microfoam in the milk just right as it fills the pitcher before it hits 180 degrees. It's a real treat. John says I'm doing better than the local baristas already and I haven't even come close to my God-shot of perfection, yet.

I am, however, roasting the straightforward Classical Italian Espresso Blend from Sweet Maria's. Gave it a couple day's rest and it performed beautifully. It's nigh on a shame to drown it in milk, so I've been gradually cutting back from the volumes I've gotten used to because of the local baristas. I am used to drinking dry cappacinos only in really high-end restaurants, where the espresso is worth drinking nearly straight, and have avoided it with the local baristas because of their lack of quality; but by roasting and brewing my own I may well go to doing them on a more frequent basis. It would cut down on both the calories and the milk cost. Though, all told, the machines (espresso and grinder as the espresso machine would be junk without the excellent grinder) cost about $160 total. The beans and milk probably cost 50 cents, so I save about $3 per drink. So 55 drinks would cover the hardware, and I'm already 10 into it, though 7 of them weren't that good. The last three have been dreamy, though, and better than I even could have bought, so that's worth something beyond money to me.

We had a leisurely breakfast, and a very leisurely morning. Just dishes, laundry, and I read Cherryh's Fortress in the Eye of Time and have the other two books from the library. One of which I may actually own as well. I'll have to renew them at the last possible moment, or, maybe, call them in from Seattle so that I may have my full six weeks. I had also borrowed four Prachett novels and have finished them all (Masquerade, Guards! Guards! the first of the Vimes novels, and Truckers and Diggers of the Gnome series) and returned them in the last couple of weeks, so I don't feel bad asking for the extension on the other three, one of which is thicker than three of the first combined.

The boys had lunch first, and went swimming at the newly opened pool. I read, ate a lunch of leftovers, and then went to Kohl's to find myself some shorts and they had a 50% off sale off capris and after seeing Helen Parr in them (from the Incredibles) and she looked so good in them that I figured I might as well *try* some... and bought one pair of jeans-type capris that are light, stretchy and mostly comfortable. The shorts were "action wear" shorts that are light and comfortable and look pretty good on me with useful pockets for hiking and biking and zooming on the scooter. My two pairs of shorts that fit me well and look good are a little more dressy and less suited to all the stuff I've been doing since summer hit.

In the midst of waiting for a room in the dressing room, my cel phone started playing the Monty Python Flying Circus theme (the Liberty Bell march?) and it was John wondering where I'd disappeared to. It's been years since I've actually gone off and done something without... well... saying anything that he was mildly paniced. I had my celphone with me. So he got me first ring, and was satisfied with that, thank goodness.

I went home.

Jet was whiny tired, but John wondered if we should go to a movie, so we got Jet to do the potty thing, and then got him into the car for the two mile ride to the mall, and Jet fell asleep on the way there. So we turned around, went back home, and Jet and I napped while John worked on something.

THEN we went to see Part III, Revenge of the Sith.

I was unimpressed, even unhappier with the details of D2's retro upgrades (why the hell doesn't he have MORE of them 17 years later?) and the lack of plot (mostly roomfuls of people saying just the five sentences needed to force the plot forward...). Bah. I hated 1 and 2 and 3's better than the first two, but just by "this much".

Pixar's plots are so tight you could hold water in 'em. And the tight juxtaposition of "The Incredibles" (we'd been watching it the last few nights, with multiple rounds of "Jack Jack Attack!" due to Jet-demand "Jet Jet Attack!") made III see just THAT much worse as the effects in the Incredibles are so tight and solid and emotionally apt and character-driven that the wooden lack of personality of ALL the characters in III was just... ugh. So what if they have gorgeous, feathered dinosaurs (probably from what Jurasic Park dinos really SHOULD have been?) when there's no plot, no PEOPLE, and no real choices in any of it?

Maybe it's just my predilection for Carl's choice and character-driven games, or Cherryh and Prachett's very character driven novels I've been just swimming in lately. But III was a bad stab for "predestination" as a sugar coating for "destiny".

Jet watched it, rapt, though. He was mildly confused by good guys turning into bad guys, but seemed game to follow it all. And the effects certainly caught his attention. He crept into John's lap when the lava showed up, but he and "fire lava" have a long history and he knows bad things happen when it appears (the Wallace and Gromet game had some pretty bad lava scenes in it and he loved them so much he kept asking for the game eventhough the lava made him anxious). He asked me to sit next to him, and that was okay, then.

Afterwards we had ice cream and cuddle time and he went right to sleep.

I, on the other hand, am grumpy about the movie, grumpy about having to see people in the morning, so I may just skip out on church. I also may have lost part of a composite filling and am anxious and a little frightened about that. We'll see on Monday. It's actually causing me no pain, and it's not going to eat away my tooth or allow it to get eaten away immediately anyway. I don't even know if it's really missing. I just had something hard go crunch while eating at a restaurant the other day and it just looked suspiciously like composite. So I'll get it checked on Monday...

But it's making me tight and unhappy.

All in all it's been a good day, just one touched with a bit of uncertainty.

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