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Hot, Hard Day

Miss Tonya invited us to go to the library today and take a hike up the Boulder Creek Trail.

I should have just said, "That sound like fun, but we already have plans." Instead, momma wuss that I was I said, "Oh, sure, we'll do that with you."



After a week's worth of work I am in NO emotional shape to be in social contact with any human being. And this morning I was swearing and cussing and being a curmudgeon about everything. I was grumpy about getting up, having breakfast, making coffee (okay... so enjoying the Papa New Guinea coffee I'd roasted a day or two ago was as hard as enjoying roasted chocolate with toffee overtones and the bittersweet heart of a restless twenty-year-old rock star who'd made it big and was on his way down...), and everything.

To the point where I was in the car, trying to get ONE, dammit one bundle of yarn before having to drive into Boulder and this woman driver has cut in front of me, and I'm swearing at her...

and a little voice from the back of the car says, "Mom, why are you so mad? Do you hate all your friends?"

"Uhm." That brought me back. "Uhm. I'm just grouchy and cranky. She's driving all wrong and she's not my friend."

"Nobody's your friend?"

"Uhm... well, I don't have that many friends."

"Daddy's your friend. He'll always be your friend. Jet's your friend, too."

"I'm glad, Jet."

"I'll always be your friend."

My nasty heart said, "Not when you're a teenager." but I couldn't say it for the lump in my throat. Man, kids.

I was more polite and pleasant the rest of the ride to Boulder. I got to the parking lot just as they were pulling in. We coordinated, we got out of the cars, with water bottles, and Jet and Macy and Tanner started running up the trail. Ah.. the energy of youth. It's a pretty trail, by the creek, so there's some shade. I'd slathered Jet and I up anyway with sun screen before we left. Takes a little while for the stuff to settle in and work.

There were ponds and bits of swamp and all kinds of tributaries. There were fields of wild flowers, including lots and lots of dandelions. Jet and Macy started picking all they could and blowing the seed in all directions. They entertained joggers and walkers and mostly got out of the way of fast moving people. Bikers were on the pavement, so we avoided them, mostly, by staying on the dirt and that worked out pretty well. There was one couple that Macy started chasing, and Jet got mad at her going so fast, so he chased her, and eventually the two of them were well out of sight. Much shouting actually stopped the adult couple, and we finally distangled the two kids from them, and let them go their own way.

A mile out and the Jet's starting to get glassy-eyed. He'd nearly fallen asleep on the ride in...

So I put him on my shoulders as we turned back. As soon as there was something as interesting as snake tracks came up, though, he was off my shoulders and off like a shot. We got back to the library and the creekside park pretty quickly. Tonya had brought lunch. I'd been thinking of lunching at The Original Pancake House, but Jet overrode me and we stayed and had punch and yogurts, and fruit and carrots, and it was good. We waded for a while in the park area, paved to let the creek run into the circle. The water was so cold it made my joints ache, but the kids splashed around, cooled off from the sun, and got happy.

We then dried off and went into the library, where they got books and things, and we all used the potty at the same time. It was a kid stampede once I got Jet started in that direction.

When they went home, I loaded Jet into the van, and he was out like a light before we even got out of town.

Home again, home again, and I was surprisingly awake. So I did stuff. John came home a few minutes after Jet woke up. I'd given Jet chocolate milk while I started dinner, and it was so hot out that I took the toaster oven outside, made a half recipe of a favorite casserole, and it baked outside, where it would have baked anyway... and we kept the house cool and let the oven work less hard than it would have in the cool anyway.

Then, during dinner, I explained to John how I was cranky all morning and Jet had called me on it, and then Jet said, as part of the conversation, "But Momma got better, she was really nice with everyone at the park and was friends with everyone. She wasn't cranky anymore."

Wow. From the mouths of babes.

We watched all the Making of The Incredibles tracks after dinner, and had a quiet evening. John and I ate another portion of the mango sticky rice and it was Good. I ached quietly from doing the scooter thing last night, and from all the walking this morning. I guess this is one way to get back into shape. Do Something Every day whether I like it or not. Mostly not from all the grumbling I was doing this morning.

I read more of "Fortress in the Eye of Time" and the quintessential Cherryh character building has me enthralled. Yummy stuff.

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