Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

I spent nearly all of yesterday reading Fortress in the Eye of Time by Cherryh. The density of her prose is always worth the study, and I love the texture of her language, and she's so good at showing and not telling and the ferocity of one combat sequence had me shaking in adrenalin overload afterwards. It was good. It was very, very interesting, for me at least, to finally have a protagonist that asks the questions I would ask as unsubtle or tactless as they might be within the context of the setting.

Odd to have a character I empathize with so much be a creature with a singular goal and no way to clearly divide right from wrong, hurt from help...

I've bought the other three to take with me on my vacation.

I spent the morning sleeping and then reading while the boys did their devotions at church. I had had enough of social/people contact. There are moments when I could BE that wizard in a haunted tower with everyone too afraid to come by and visit. I only came out of the cool shell of my home after the boys had come home, slept, ate, and gone to the pool at 5. John came home saying that the neighbors were going to grill and what did we have left in the fridge? I sliced red peppers, onions, and snapped asparagus and coated them all in herbs, spices, and oils and took them over to be burnt offerings.

On the way over I saw a baby jackrabbit in our manicured backyard. No wonder my lettuce had disappeared so quickly. Bah. It was so cute I thought about putting out lettuces for it to eat.

The evening was good. I got to be grillmaster as everyone else was afraid of the old gas grill. Rightfully so as the thin-barred dragon of a grill ate nearly as much food as it cooked, as the stuff fell through the thin-barred grill. I am used to my cast-iron grills, thick and hot and with no room for food to get through the cracks, these were thin and cold and couldn't transfer heat worth a damn. I got smokey and cross, but the food was all cooked and people enjoyed what they ate, and it was wonderful with a gorgeous hunk of cheddar jalapeno sourdough bread. Mmm... the staff of life.

The kids occupied themselves with the occasional howl at collisions, scraped knees, and unfairnesses galore. We had some room to just converse, and that was sweet. The night fell, the tiki torches kept the mosquitos off, and I was quietly happy.

I talked with Kelly and the criterion for paging the dentist was bleeding, swelling, and pain; so I can live with the missing filling a little while longer. It'll wait.

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