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Stupid Weather...

... seems to have followed me from Colorado to Seattle, and these 90 degree days are a lot weirder here than they even were there...

Flight day was good. Jet very patient, and he loved his Very Own TV on the plane, but gave it up for Thomas. We had a great dinner with John's Mom and Dad and then went to sleep.

Thursday John and I got to see Kung-Fu Hustle. I liked it as much as I liked Shaolin Soccer. Just the same kind of random-walk plot, too, with a nice emotionally charged ending. Wow. The FX! :-) I loved the musicians. 11:15 am showing. It's been gone for WEEKS in Colorado. Shows what you get with an actual Asian population. Whew. We shopped around and I bought way too much yarn and too little time.

Friday we got to visit kathrynt, her cats, her projects, and see the pictures, at least, of the Fire shawl. Wow. I also got to meet her cats and her spinning wheel and really get to know that the drumcarder is doing Good Work for a whole community. Wow. It's good to see all that doing such neat stuff. We then had sushi at I Heart Sushi and it was Good. From there we hit the lakeside with John's family and Jet dug in the sand and both John and Jet (on John's back) swam from the pier to the swimming platform to the shore. My. It was COLD water, not quite as cold as Boulder creek, but cold enough to ache.

It was good in the heat, though. I knit a little, and John and I went out and bought a whole Copper River Salmon for a third the price we can get it in the mountains and Ate It All Up. Yum. I envy you your PCC, Seattle.

I then made strata for this morning, which was Isabel's 80th. Happy Birthday, Isabel! And two of John's three brothers made it to cheerfully play with Jet and eat brunch and play with balloons, and wish her a very good birthday. How very keen.

We had a very nice party. Then folks left, and we went and looked at some brand new terrace houses, for the fun of it, and Jet napped and then I napped, and then we had dinner at Yeh's Wok. I envy you Eastsiders that. Immensely. REAL Chinese food at extraordinarily reasonable prices. We met the neighbors, and had a good, quiet, cool evening.

It's been a very peaceful vacation so far, but I know I'm going to miss out on the rain. Sniffle. The locals seem to be happy with the sunshine, though, so I won't quibble too much. It's a holiday weekend. They should have their fun, but I really do long for the sound of rain on the sills...

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