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Traveling Day

Today was a travel day, getting from Longmont to Bellevue. It was a good day, all in all. Our flight wasn't until noon, so we had plenty of time to get the last stuff ready, water the rest of the plants, and get everything out of the house that should go out of the house.

Bagels and espresso drinks to get rid of the last of the milk. The fridge is pretty empty, now, and we've been working on it for the last week, so that's been satisfying to see it empty out. Jet was in a great mood, and cooperated the whole way. We took "the Scottish" way to the airport, i.e. not the toll roads, it took longer, but we had the time.

For the first time we used the remote $5 a day lots, rather than the $7 right at the airport lots; and the wind out there was biting. Jet asked for a coat when we got out of the car, and I put it on him, and he manfully dragged his bag along. Until we realized the bus was there and waiting for us. Then he willingly handed me his bag and ran for John, so I took both bags to the bus, and Jet climbed up the huge steps by putting his hands on them and pulling himself up. He's really strong.

We made it through the ticket line and security with plenty of time. So we stopped to have lunch at Panda Express, and Jet had rice while we ate two entre lunches. It was good.

Jet was great at getting on and off the rolling sidewalks. He was hesitant at the very first, but with a little encouragement, he got right on and off them, no problem.

We got to the gate right when they called our rows, so we went right on. I got Jet to race me down the walkway, and it was a long, long way, so we stayed well ahead of the people behind us. That was the whole reason for the race; but it distracted Jet from getting headphones. I picked up a pair as I knew we'd probably need something, and John forgot to get any, either. But someone had left a pair on our seats, so that was cool as we all had our own TVs as we sat down. Jet got his tuned to Cartoon network, John found baseball, and I found Food TV. Yay!

I slept. Jet asked for Thomas when we got up into the air, and he got it. So John slept some, too. We got snacks, and more movie, and I read some and knit some, and finally realized I was on vacation. Whew.

Jet fell asleep soon before we started heading down. He was grumpy and antsy, and finally only fell asleep while in my lap. So I held him as we had the smoothest landing I've ever experienced. John took him when we got out of the plane,a nd Jet woke up soon after. So when we looked for our luggage Jet was actually awake to see our bags tumble down the ramps.

Isabel met us there. When we came out, George was at the curb. The drive home was smooth and easy. We stopped at the grocery store and Jet was great and used the potty because he needed to and was dancing a bit. We got him some food, too. We puttered around the house while Isabel made dinner, and we all enjoyed her turketti and salad. Jet got his own plate of snow noodles and filled himself up happily.

I got to sit in the cool house and read while the four of them went up to Somerset Elementary and Jet got to play on the play equipment. It was a steep climb up. John said that Jet wasn't even breathing hard at the top of the mountain, and blamed the thick air. Hee.

I finished off Masquerade and enjoyed it and the ending quite a lot. I love the witches and never so much as when they interact with the Watch. Hee.

Jet had to be up and with people when they were up until about 9:30, which was 10:30 his time, and he fell asleep really quickly when it was time to nurse. He was really comfortable with his new bed, and wanted the big, fancy pillow as HIS pillow and yelled at me a little when i tried to move it. He might not need the plain one, though.

But it's good, we're here safely, and we did well on the trip. Yay!

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