Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Bad Guys

Jet was crying because he was so tired he nearly fell asleep at the table. We'd tried to get him to eat his vegetables and he really didn't want to. When he finally finished a piece of bread and asked to lie down with a movie, fully intending to go to sleep, we all asked him to use the potty before we would get him his movie.

He started crying. I apologized for being the bad guy, yet again, as I'd put the peas on his plate and I was the one that was supposed to get the movie. I asked him if he wanted to walk to the potty or if I should pick him up.

Jet said, "Please pick me up." So I did, and on the way to the potty Jet said, "You shouldn't be the bad guy, Momma. No one likes bad guys."

"They'll be mad at me?"

"No, they'll hit you. I don't want them to hit you, so don't be the bad guy, momma."

"Oh. Okay, Jet. I won't be."

Satisfied, he used the potty, washed his hands, and lay down on the couch with his Thomas movie, and was asleep within minutes.

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