Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Mmmm... yummy snack

Okay, I really like the LiveJournal status page. It's cool.

Five hours of meetings yesterday, another five today, another five tomorrow, and then I'm taking Thursday afternoon off. And probably working like a fiend on Friday, but that's okay, as I have very specific stuff to work on, which is a good thing, and I can just bang through all my to do lists.

It's satisfying to get things done. I actually called the dentist to talk over the fillings, as a very canny, old dentist of mine filled molar fillings with composite instead of metal in order to keep them from being as temperature sensitive as they would otherwise be and to keep my rather fragile teeth together, as the composite actually bonds to the tooth, rather than the metal fillings that are just wedged in. And the present guy has no problem with that. So I'm glad. I'll pay a bit more and probably have to replace them again sometime in the future, but better than living, now, with teeth that can't eat ice cream or drink tea.

So that's something of a relief. It'll be even better when the fillings are actually done.

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