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Kung-Fu Hustle

Hot day today. We planned a trip out to Seattle to be able to see Kung-Fu Hustle, which was long gone from the Denver area, and we thought there would be a few hold-outs here, but were surprised to find not only a few Denver theaters but the Crossroads theater on the Eastside still playing it. 11:15, even. My.

So after a leisurely morning, John and I went to the movie. John talked with Jet about the fact that we were going out and Jet said, "Oh, you're going to work, and when you're back from work we'll have fun."

That made it easy for us to go off and find out if they were really playing it at Crossroads. They were, so we walked to Jo-Ann's fabrics and I boggled at the variety and amounts of really inexpensive and really soft acrylic yarns. By the pound, even. My. It's great stuff for toddler and baby clothing, throw it in the wash and it doesn't care, and they don't wear it that hard. So I bought some along with one of the yarn-cutting medallions I've been coveting for ages. It's made by Clover, and it's a round blade with a cover that keeps all the edges safe, and the only way to get something cut it to feed it into a slot along the side. There's six slots, so it's always easy to cut a thread or yarn, but the thing is about as safe as you can get.

I hung it on a hook on my purse and went into the theater with my knitting, and knit up three baby booties in the time for the advertising, previews, and the few boring bits in the movie. It is made by the same guy that made Shao Lin Soccer, with the same wacky sense of humor and nearly primal gut feel for how mooks and the Named should play out as the plot escalates and escalates and the tension goes just that one element further. He has a fine feeling for how a Hong Kong movie should be. Guts and all.

What is really cool is that he uses all the affects available to him now, and it only escalates the emotional tenor of the movie and the characters involved. I loved the scene with the musicians and the loud landlady. Mm....

It was fun to recognize most of the soccer players from the first movie, too, in their new roles. And I got a giggle from the one reference to the previous movie.

I enjoyed it. It was of the same kind of simplicity as Shao Lin Soccer, so if you didn't like that one you probably won't like this one, but if you did... it's a bit gorier and has more affects than even that other one did, but it ended sweetly for me. I enjoyed it a lot.

We hit Uwajamaya for lunch and I happily scarfed down an unagidon, which I can't get for less than $17, but was only $6.49. Yeesh. I want to do sushi with katherynt tomorrow, we'll have to see how the schedules work out, though. I need to call blackwingedboy just to see if he still exists, so I can drag HIM to sushi, too. Hee.

We stopped by Shoes and Feet? Next to where the K-Mart used to exist on 156th? Something like that. But Isabel had recommended them, and I tried on shoes and the man there was great and was really good about giving me an even judgment on how things fit or didn't fit and what they were good for or not good for. But they didn't have my size in the styles I really wanted to get. I was sad about not buying something after he'd spent that much time, but I really didn't want what he had left to sell. He even recommended that I try REI as I ended up liking the shoes they probably had. John has a rebate coming to him as well, so I might as well use it.

Hot. It's hot.

We got home and they were out in the backyard, playing dominoes. So I sewed up the baby booties, started a hat and drank some iced pu-erh. John fell asleep. George fell asleep. Isabel made a delicious dinner of turkey and ham salad and taboli, with lots of fresh mint from the garden and lemon juice. Yum.

Jet had the small battle, and ended up eating a big slice of sourdough bread with sprinkles and butter. He fell asleep before we were completely done with dinner. John bought mochi balls at Uwajamaya and we'll likely have them for dessert.

A very fine, summer day start to our vacation. I've enjoyed it, but I'm glad that by the weekend it should be raining. I want the rain.

It was funny in Boulder, when I said that to someone at work they laughed and said that it was the first time they'd ever heard of someone wanting it to rain while they were on vacation. Hee. But I miss the rain. I miss it so much.

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