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Oops: Nearly Too Much Rain and Adventures With Jet

After writing about rain, it now turns out we seem to have a little too much rain. Enough to flood walkways by rivers, make traffic in Denver come to a standstill, and power's out for some thousands of East Denver residents. Oops.

We're fine. A little damp from grilling my teriyaki in the rain, but the garden and grass are very, very happy. And, as everyone in the TV interviews say, "We need the water."

Jet and I had a great day, though it started a bit rough.

The rough was that I couldn't get my espresso to work out at all like what I wanted it to, and it might just be due to older coffee or something. Anyway... I tried three sets of shots in a row, and on the last one got impatient and pulled the head off a little too quickly and 'foom' there were grounds everywhere.

Jet came to see what the matter was, and I yelled at him for stepping on the wet grounds. But then he ran off and got his little sweeper and pan and immediately came and started sweeping every single square AND his feet when he saw that the DustBuster wasn't working worth a darn. I apologized for yelling at him and he thanked me for the apology (!!) very nicely and said that he appreciated me saying I was sorry. He then explained that people yelled and it's not nice, but if you say you're sorry it is all okay. He then swept up every bit of coffee while I cleaned off the machine, the counter, the equipment...

I also washed all the dishes and put everything I could find away, as John had done before he'd left for work. The thing about having people come to clean the house is that we'd love for them to clean the HOUSE, and we do our best to get everything of ours out of their way so that they can actually get at the house. A good excuse to pick up.

We had a bunch of errands to run, and Jet decided he had to wear his crocodile boots eventhough the day started sunny and HOT. I figured letting him decide what to wear is a fine thing, and he stomped off into the car in his boot, shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of sunglasses.

Because Jet got his ten stamps we went off to Mrs. Toad's and Jet asked the lady at the front desk 'of the lady toy store' "Where is the engine with the fish and the crane?" I blinked, she blinked. We both pointed at the Thomas display, and Jet stomped off there in his boots, and peered at everything and suddenly went, "There!"

He pulled the ice block delivery trucks off the shelf. And sure enough, in the middle of an ice block was a fish! And the delivery truck was a crane for moving the blocks!

They also carried the Ittsy-Bitsy Angel Kit, stuff for two angels for ten bucks and you get to make them. I'd been curious about it for a while, and decided to buy it for the ideas. Cheap entertainment.

I asked Jet if he wanted to go to the Library before shopping or after, and he said before, so we went to the Library, parked in the cool of the underground parking lot and Jet worked the elevator to his great delight to get us up to the library. There we returned a couple of books and Jet only wanted to watch the electric trains while cradling his new aquisitions. He didn't want to look at movies, books, or games. He wanted me to go get my books, but I didn't really want to get more books with three more to read and two of them thick Cherryh books. So I watched the choo-choos with him for a time.

Then we headed to Twin Peaks Mall and Sears because of the latest Lands End catalog. I really wanted a new tank top and they had some comfortable ones for $8 that looked really well made. Plus I wanted to try some of the mocs or slipon sneakers on to see what sizes were appropriate, and there were a few pants and shirts that intrigued me but I needed to see what size I really am. Turned out that a bunch of the fall merchandise was on discount! Nearly a third off of some really nice cotton, long-sleeved shirts, even a beautiful pink and yellow and orange flannel shirt as soft as a dream. But that one was too big for me. I ended up finding that I fit a 14 perfectly, but a medium better than a large, as larges have too long a sleeve. Sniff.

The shoes were a disappointment. Too cheaply made to really be what I needed, but the price quickly made sense when I actually tried them on.

Jet was great during all this. I had to try things on a couple of times, and he was sad and wanted to go home as he was tired of walking. But after I bought one discount shirt and one tank, I said that if he wanted to get the "jumping game" he'd seen last night (at a high school senior's graduation party, they'd rented a metal DDR setup and had DDR Max 2 and it intrigued Jet immensely) he'd just have to last long enough to walk to that side of the mall and back.

He did, quite well, too. And he was very happy to get the game and a gumball, and he happily slogged through a huge puddle on the way to the car. Since he had his boots on it seemed the right thing to do when he found that puddle in the parking lot. Happy boy.

Once home, we ate lunch (Jet had a smoothie that was so cold he asked me to hold him, so I did until he stopped shivering and until he ate his warm lunch) and then Jet spent half an hour jumping to the game. *giggles* So much for being so tired he HAD to come home. He was willing to cede the pad to me after he tried playing the game mode a few times and had the silly game booing him when he missed too many. Sniff. So I did the lessons and started doing a few beginner games that were harder than I thought.

And then the rain began.

When Jet and I climbed out of the basement, the sky had gone black and there was the nearly constant flash-BOOM of lightning and thunder! Wow. Jet was startled by the flashes, but he curled up in my lap and we watched the light show and heard the smash-boom of really close strike. Yow. He was a little scared of the lightning itself, but seemed unafraid of the thunder. But he did say that he liked me holding him. So I did.

When John came home I took apart the whole chicken he'd bought the other day, and marinated it while soaking the short grained rice. Both of them cooked in about the same amount of time, we nuked some green beans and that was dinner. Jet ate rice with teriyaki sauce very happily, with plenty of sprinkles and two 'big' green beans that he asked to be cut into four and then tried to tell us that he really should only eat two of the pieces. Wow, it's interesting having a logical boy. :-)

Parting a chicken is mindful work. It's so easy it's nearly scary, as the only things that really have to be cut are some skin and four tendons and it comes apart into five easy pieces. The leg and thigh can be parted along a joint. The breasts are a bit harder, but with a sharp knife and knowing where the keel bone is weakest, just one blow can split them with the bones underneath to keep the juices in and the meat tender. So I can get all kinds of parts from a .69/lb chicken that some pay up to $3/lb for in parts. Interesting how that goes.

Grilling it was amusing as there was plenty of rain and some lightning, still, too. My. Jet did ALL of Freddi Fish and the Stolen Conch while I did all the dinner things.

That Toshi's sauce was really tasty. The lady had packed it in a quart-sized athletic bottle with a shocking pink pouring spout, and it was wonderfully easy to apply as a marinade and as a glaze when the chicken was mostly done. Jet loved the bottle, which I think is why it was so easy to get it onto his rice instead of his usual soy sauce.

After dinner John and Jet went off to Red Box and then Blockbuster to get movies. John really wants to see The Life Aquatic, which I want to see, too. They came back with that and with Herby: The Love Bug, the very first movie, which I remember only in tatters and shadows until we saw it again. I realized that I remembered the Chinese pole team and the gas station more than the rest of the film! Hee. Jet watched it mostly in John's lap as he was a very tired, no-nap boy, but by the final race, Jet was really into it and happily cheered Herbie to the finish line.


He didn't object, at all, to going to sleep, then, and when he wanted me I carried him up the stairs, the usual way. I told him that I loved him and that I really appreciated how patient he had been with me in the store, how he'd helped me a lot by cleaning up the coffee, and asked him if he'd enjoyed his day and if he liked his new trains and new game. He grinned a lot at all of that and nodded a lot. So that was good. He was so tired he was asleep within minutes.

I'm kind of sore from the DDR stuff I did do. Lots of good calore burn, though, and I think it'll be interesting to see where I do go with it. The beginner levels are mostly within my reach, I think, with practice and more knowledge of what goes with which songs. Plus learning the whole moving my center of mass with the steps that came from the third lesson set should be very helpful when I actually figure out how it's a dance rather than just a game.

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