Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The No Eating Day and the 10% Discount

Sunday morning we went to church after a quick breakfast. Which Jet refused to eat until we put half a bagel with cream cheese in front of him. We had coffee to deliver so that the person making coffee could. Jet insisted on his boots, without socks again, in the morning, so he got to wear them. Reminded me of some girl-child of a protagonist who had worn old rubber boots for a whole year, the summer half without socks, and how they'd felt against her skin... but he really wanted his crocodile boots and who am I to argue against wearing them as much as possible while he still fits?

His green socks were too small for him, so I picked apart the pink toe and started adding more length. A whole inch more needed to be on it, and the heel was a bit too shallow, so I took it apart to the heel and redid the body of the foot. Too lazy to wash the old yarn straight before doing it, so I just took the twist and it gave it an interesting texture.

I did that while John delivered coffee, Jet played with some of the kids, and I waited for the oven to heat up in the big community room. When it was hot, I stuck the strata in for the duration of the service. I went to church, skipped communion to get back to the kitchen and help the committee put all the dishes out for folks to eat. Then I went out in the sunshine and knit until everyone got out and started eating.


Of course Jet didn't want anything to eat until he saw the purple cream cheese. "Do you think it has blueberries in it, Jet?" "No. It's just purple." "Ah. Okay. Eat up..."

Talked with some new couples. Summer is moving time, so folks come in and go out in the summer. It's good to see new faces and talk with them. The sermon was all about accepting people who are different than you. The simple fact that Jesus always chose and helped and lifted up as holy the scum of the earth seems to have escaped those churches that ask people to leave because they're "not worthy". Yeesh. It's why I love the UCC ad that has those bouncers at the door of "God's House" and says "We accept everyone." No judgment, no saying 'I'm better/holier/more righteous than you are...', no fucking stupid 'you're stained beyond redemption with who and what you ARE'. Redemption is the whole of the message, and what use would that be if any of us were perfect?

Rant rant rant...


It wasn't even noon by the time we were done. We decided to go home, get the iPod, a few things, and head for Cherry Creek in Denver, as there is an Apple Store there. I slept. John drove. Jet slept.

Jet and I woke up when we got there (half an hour-40 minutes), and we went to the Apple store to find that the 10% discount doesn't apply to Shuffles, only to regular iPods or iPod minis. Hm. I had to think about it as we wandered about the mall, using the restrooms, peering at other electronics. I looked in The Papyrus stationary store and was bemused to find cards that were sold with stickers and things to allow you to accessorize them as you liked. Given that I had the Klutz make your own cards kit, it seemed redundant. But it was fun to look and get ideas. Stamps of things that I could probably draw freehand helped me think.

I finally decided to just buy a Shuffle. So we went back to the store and I asked the lady at the counter for the $100 Shuffle, and she went back to the storeroom. She came back with two Shuffles, one with a big $89.95 on it. "It's refurbished, has the same warrantee and everything, someone just returned it. You want it? It'll save you ten dollars." I thought a bit... solid-state so I don't have to worry about how often the disk was written... "Sure!"

While we were going through the process of payment a woman walked by and asked the clerk, "Is that sold?" pointing to the discounted Shuffle. "Yes." "Ah well, I would love that discounted price." "I can check on another one for you if you like." "Sure!"

She sent someone else to do the check and there were no more. So I got rather lucky and got my 10% off even without the defunct iPod. Yow.

Then we had some lunch. John got a piece of pizza. I got spanakopita at a little Greek place. Jet said he didn't want anything other than some cranberry juice. "No, I don't want to eat lunch." Hm. Then halfway through John's piece of pizza Jet said, "I think I'd like a piece of cheese pizza, please." So we got him an adult-sized piece and he ate the whole thing, drank half his juice, then ate a whole Haagen-Daz ice cream cone of mango sorbet with rainbow sprinkles, and then, when we went to see Madagascar Jet said, "I WANT a second treat! I want something to eat!" But his juice was enough for the movie.

It was silly fluffy movie that was better than Shark Tales, but that's about all I'll say for it.

We then went home, and I slept the whole way home. Jet and I then hit the neighborhood pool and swam all around. Jet's surprisingly adept, now, in the water. He can jump in, swim around in a few directions, and then head for the wall when he wants to rest a bit, and then do it again. He can take his kickboard for a full lap when he wants to, and he likes porpoising and getting his head wet. The noodle pony ride is a favorite, too. And, thanks for John, he's pretty fearless about riding my back even in the deep end. With my shoulders to hold onto he can nearly alway stay above the surface.

We swam for a good hour, and when adult swim came up, Jet wanted the baby pool. But it was a good deal colder than the big pool, so he ended up shivering so hard he could barely talk, so I dried him off, bundled him up, and tucked him into the wagon to ride home. He was happy when he got back to the house as he saw John mowing the lawn, so I dried him, dressed him and sent him off to see John while I showered.

It was already 8 by then. Jet said he didn't want dinner. Theme of the day, I think. But after smelling me caramelizing onions on the stove for a single cheesesteak sandwich John and I would be sharing, Jet finally conceded to one fishstick and one fry. I cooked a dozen fries and three fishsticks. Jet ended up eating all the fish and half the fries. Swimming does that to you. :-)

He protested doing pajamas after dinner, so got to play a bit, but he was so cranky, I knew he was pretty tired. I ended up taking care of him for getting to bed, and he cried and cried about Daddy not reading his books to him. But I tucked him in and read him his dinosaur dictionary and then what he calls "the 'struction book with elephants", which is actually "The Way Things Work" which has a lot of woolly mammoths as examples throughout. He fell asleep as I read about sails and yachts and aerodynamics for dirigibles, hot air balloons, kites, and gliders.

I wonder what he dreamed of.

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