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Productive Morning

Walked to work this morning because it was 65 out, sunny, and dry. I was also grumpy, and the walk calmed me down a lot and got the blood flowing enough that I could think enough to backfill and backdate the entries for the last two days as I'd written them but forgot to post them. Grr.


So please do check for the last two days, now, if you'd like.

The tiny Shuffle was loaded up and going quite nicely in less time it took for me to write my status for last week and to have three meetings melt into the ether. Yay!

My wallet has a bit of tape over the one edge that was creeping and starting to stick to the contents of said wallet. Yay!

I'm halfway through a Monster spreadsheet and all the way through a review that will make me feel better than all is said and done early this afternoon. Whew.

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