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The fillings are done, but the top one has a little bit of a thing that's just a nudge too high, so eating becomes painful after I've been doing it for a little while and it stays that way for a good hour or so. The dentist wasn't working today, which is a good thing, as I had work stuff that went for an agonizing five hours of meetings. I'll save the dental adjustments for tomorrow.

The reviews are painful, too, but at least they're getting done and the whole thing is being thrashed within an inch of its life. So what comes out of it all should be a whole lot stronger, I'll hope.

Jet had an awful night, he was up from about midnight 'till 3, and then up again at 5 and couldn't sleep except while lying on my chest. We're pretty sure he's in pain from teeth that are budding. His gums are all hot and he's just screaming every once in a while as things get rough. Poor kid. When he could sleep he was sleeping heavily. Still, today he hasn't napped worth a darn, so we'll have to see how the two combat each other, being exhausted from last night and whatever residual pain of whatever's happening with his teeth.

So John only got four hours of sleep. I got fitful sleep from 11 to midnight and then from about 1 to 5:30, then slept with Jet on the couch until 7, which was kind of nice. The teeth hurt after the filling, and the side of my mouth is all chewed up from all the prying they had to do simply to get into the small space at the very back of my mouth. It's all a little raw from the pokes to get the numb stuff in, too. Bah. It'll get better. I just have to make sure that that one tooth is actually adjusted right and my night guard is just a tad too tight on the newly filled tooth, and that's causing real problems as if I don't have the guard, I grind my teeth, which is even worse on those young fillings.

I hope they can do something about the pain in the upper tooth. I'll find out tomorrow.

At least all the reviews are done for a while, boss Bill isn't back until Tuesday, and then I'm off on Thursday, so that'll pretty much be that.

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