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Massage Day and Swapping Views

I get a massage every two weeks, usually, but for these three weeks, before we go on our big road trip, I've been having them every week, and it's been quite the blessing. It also helped that John took Jet with him to a church board meeting. They had childcare there so John could do his stuff. So we got the evening "off" so to speak, but each to their own.

So I not only got my massage, but dinner alone at home and a shower to boot, to get all the massage cream off of me. I really needed it, and I feel a world better.

Since Saturday I've been wearing my glasses, because of the mildly injured eye. My newest glasses have an astigmatism correction that actually makes my vision much more accurate than before. The only problem is that my brain was used to going on the information it was able to get through my contact lenses, so for the first couple of days I was going around with an optical overload headache and neck and shoulders. It was dizzying how MUCH I could see and how differently it fell on my eyes when I saw it.

Now, though, the glasses seem to give me 'better' sight and going back to the lenses was a bit dizzying, but only for about half an hour. Then my brain settled. When I swapped back to my glasses, the dizziness lasted only a few minutes before it settled again. I probably should keep swapping between the various means of input, so that my brain gets used to swapping visual representations of reality. Then no more dizziness. Still it's been very interesting to kind of get to watch my brain figure out how to deal with pervasively different views of the world.

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