Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Quiet Day Together

Jet and I had a very quiet day at home. Mostly just went to the library, watched Porco Rosso in anticipation of Howl's Moving Castle, and I got a bunch of things done at home.

Jet wanted Veggie Tales, so we went to the library. He got to play some video games, and then got three Veggie Tales tapes. I went through the teen section and picked up the last of the bromelaide series and then went upstairs to get a few more Prachett novels and then indulged in a few things that just caught my eye.

I devoured both Flyers and The Monstrous Regiment tonight. Which was a mistake, but it was nice to just get some time in to just read. And Monstrous Regiment just had me howling throughout. Take the old "girl cuts off her hair to join the army for various reasons" and then take it All The Way and you have this book. It's just astonishingly well done.

I also redid the fourth of Jet's green wool socks, and got it nearly an inch and a half longer and defined the heel a bit more deeply. I have this feeling that while I'd created the heel flap for his old socks I hadn't actually turned the heel at the end of that. That plus the fact that Jet has been growing like a weed had it so that his heels were ending up ABOVE the old heel in the socks. So I tore them back to the heel and knit the flap up a few more rows and then lengthened the foot of the socks significantly, mostly using the old yarn, and the ball of yarn that was left in my bin. Now they fit again, and Jet wears them everywhere. I think that Poa Poa managed to convince him that he could be warm so long as he wears socks, so even with shorts and a t-shirt, he's got socks.


A useful evening to a quiet day. Most of the day was rainy, with gusts of rain. When John came home, there was a clear spot, so I moved all my coffee roasting equipment outside and roasted up my supplies for the week. The bag from Vivace split on the wrong side of the "zipper" and I was grumpy about the shoddy bag along with the odd blend of yellowed beans. But it was restful to sit out in the cool damp and just roast. The coolness and dampness made a pull of decaf Donkey Blend (A Sweet Maria espresso blend) come out nearly all crema, and I was very happy with the results. Mmmm... warm, tasty drinks.

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