Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Coffee Obsessions

I finally made microfoam today. It's something I've aspired to for a while, but never got to. Part of the problem is that most short treatises about "How to foam milk" say move the pitcher of milk up and down and plunge the steamer wand in repeatedly to get foam. I did get foam that way, lots of it, but it was styrofoam. Stiff and unyielding and it stuck to the walls of the pitcher and bubbled away if I let the drink sit for a minute.

Finally, I found the CoffeeGeek Milk Frothing Guide. I'll admit it made me remeniscent of my Quill Cutting Guide. Pictures and long explanations and all.

So I finally learned to start with the wand deep, turn it up to full, and then just surf the surface, no plunging, just that soft cha-cha-cha from the turmoil of the milk itself. I ended up, even with my little Mr. Coffee pump machine, with glossy, smooth, pourable foam and made gorgeous patterns in the darkness of the espresso. It was silky and smooth and made the espresso taste that much better.

Speaking of which, I'm not THAT happy with the Vivace blend. I'll admit that it doesn't help that the proprietor pretty much said that great espresso can't be made at altitude. I liked straight Brazilian Cerrado better, and Sweet Maria's Italian blend is still pretty good, and the Donkey blend satisfies those afternoon cravings quite nicely without keeping me awake at night. Mmmm... variety.

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