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Burnt Out

We went swimming at the Rec. Center last night, and that was good, along with a nice little Italian place that had just opened up. That was good, too.

I just felt burnt out at work today. Too many meetings and not getting nearly as much done as I wanted to get done. And someone with a really negative attitude about how things weren't going to work out, and that really got me down. Down enough that I just coasted through the afternoon, not really caring much.

I came home, and found John cooking hot dogs as the boys wanted to go swimming, so I ate a couple of hot dogs, they left, and I just putzed around. I washed dishes, roasted coffee, watered a few things outside, and drank a pop.

A really quiet time. Even after the boys got back, I just loaded stuff into iTunes, just for the fun of it, and Jet liked what he saw and heard. We need to play more music when we're at home. I loaded up musicals, random music, and stuff. We have a huge hard disk and we might rip everything and I might just make random mix CDs to take on our road trip, with us, so I have a random mix of stuff each of us likes, though the kid stuff we may just take as is. We'll see.

John put Jet to bed. Jet's weaning himself, it seems, and it's good enough. He's really in a phase of wanting John and telling me he doesn't want me. I'm doing my best to not take it personally, but it's getting a little disheartening. Jet had a phase of wanting just me, a year or so ago, and he grew out of it, too. This too shall pass.

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