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Grumpy Eyes

On Monday morning I woke up with my right eye crusted and seeping a bit. Ah ha... pink eye, thinks I. But Jet doesn't have it, and no one else I know has it, so I just wait half a day and it gets better, gradually. Then the left gums up the next morning, so I spend two days in glasses. Today my eyes are not that happy with me. I can see more clearly with glasses on, but I'm not happy with how much more effort it is to do the close-in work I normally do. My lower power contacts are much easier on my eyes for the short distance work that is my meat and potatoes. So I have to take more frequent "distance vision" breaks. Not a terrible thing, but still something to be aware of.

They both feel better today, so I may try and gradually go back to my contacts. I have a feeling that it wasn't actually pink eye, but just my eyes protesting going from four hours to a full, 16 hour day within four days. I should be going from four hours and go up an hour each day to really get my eyes back into contacts again, rather than forgetting halfway through the day that I should be taking them out.

Both Jet and I were mildly cranky this morning, so we were comfortably arguing with each other about food, TV, and would he PLEASE get some ice cubes for his hot soup? He perked up, "Right, Mom! See... when you say please, I do it!" That made me giggle. I think he was pleased by being asked politely by me. So we both got each other out of our grumpiness.


I'm grumpy for work reasons, too, though not as bad a set of reasons as with my old job. I'm just a little burnt out and a little frustrated with certain personalities, and it's just been kind of hard. Been playing too much soliatarie and avoiding people. John asked me, last night, what fun I was having, and I couldn't think of a thing for work, just things at home like making coffee and reading and playing with music. But...

I had an interview this morning that went well, learned more about what some folks do and how they do it and how they want to do it than I knew before. That was rather satisfying. I have another in a few minutes. I'm missing a strategy meeting that I know would frustrate me as it's at too high a level for what I want to concentrate on, but I have an excellent excuse (the interviews) for missing it. That's been good.

John's also been sending Jet to pre-school in the trailer behind the bike. I might start doing that. I'm happier when I do *some* physical activity and stay off the caffeine after 3 pm. I had a hard time sleeping last night because I'd had a cuppa coffee at 4. I'll have to watch that. My morning latte is comforting, though, with a bagel and some cheese. Bread and cheese and a latte. It's a nice way to start the day. Maybe I should try it with a baget and butter and jam. More traditional, I suppose.

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