Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

All Night!

So, for Halloween Night Jet did the impossible, and actually slept all night long. He didn't get up once from 9:20 pm to 7 am. John and I were so dead from the night before it was quite the blessing, though my mammary glands hadn't quite gotten into the program, yet, they didn't do nearly as badly as they would have a month ago.

So now John and I can actually say, "Yes. Jet has slept through the night." Even if he never does it again, we can at least say that he did do it and not lie.


I'm convinced he'll never do it again, but that might just be a lame attempt at reverse psyching the universe or something to that effect, i.e. none.

I am going to get my tooth fixed this morning. I am going to get my night guard fixed this morning. I am going to get the very last thing done with my contacts this afternoon. I am actually having a good morning, and Joan actually volunteered to take Jet another hour when it turned out that the dentist could only take me at 11. So that worked out much better than I could have planned.

I'm probably going to come down with a cold this weekend, or something, but so it is. Or else it's just karmic making-up from the cold and work and other things. We'll have to see how well the tooth thing works out, though. I'm hoping that it's just an area that's a little too high on the new filling. Please... then it'll actually be something that can be fixed.

Sometimes the post-hectic let downs are even crazier than the hectic times. Yesterday I actually had something planned for pretty much every minute from 9 am until 4:30 pm... with about five hours of meetings, a lunch in a specific place with everyone and lots of other things to fill in between. Today's far more open, and tomorrow is like someone erased my life for a little while. That is a good thing indeed.

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