Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Dry Momma

Came home and found Jet and John stationed in front of the TV, watching Fear Factor. Jet had decided he wasn't going to go to the Rec. Center, he wanted to stay home.

I didn't mind that.

We watched a bit, flipped a lot. I got ready to make dinner and then Jet announced that he wanted to go swimming. It was already nearly 6 by then. So John and Jet went and swam at the neighborhood pool while I made dinner. It's good to have the option, and they had a good time. I stayed dry. I probably should do something tomorrow morning to make up for not having exercise.

Jet came home and scarfed down a huge bowl of brown rice and sprinkles with teriyaki sauce ("My favorite sauce in the whole wide world!") and played trains while John and I picked up the whole house. Now he's watching Dora, quite contentedly, one episode before going to bed.

I'm listening to random music from the new collection at home. Bits of Pi startle me through lengths of Gabriel and Paul Simon and Madonna. I was foolish and scheduled a meeting for tomorrow morning, but then Jet and I will have the rest of the day to putz about, greet the cleaners (Jet announced, "I have a broom! I'll help the cleaners!"), go to the library and hit Pier 1 to see if they have cheap cappacino cups. I cheerfully made myself a decaf cap tonight and enjoyed it quite happily, and have no jitters.

I guess I should drink decaf more often. All the flavor enjoyment when I roast my own, but no fierce tension.

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