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Hot Day

Jet and I had a good, but really busy day together.

I had an early meeting, and at 9:30 or so, we ran off to the library. I had settled Jet with a computer game, and found a few books for him, and then I went upstairs to the adult area to look for some books. The loudspeaker said, "There's a Jet looking for Phyllis at the children's desk. Please come to the children's desk." So I went back down and Jet was pushing off one of the ladies from church and saying he hadn't wanted me to leave...

... though, sometimes, he tells me, "Go get your books, now." when he's settled in with a game. So I guess I can't win. I felt pretty stupid for leaving him there, but no harm done, really.

We got Jet a Thomas book and myself one Berserker book, as that's all the time I had to find something. I still have a Pratchett book at home.

I asked Jet where he wanted to go, so we headed for the Barn Park. It was hot. When we got there, he insisted that I go to the other side of the car to undo his buckles so that he could get out on his own, and he threw a HUGE fit when I refused to do so. I finally said, "We're going home if you can't figure this out." And he threw a bigger fit, so I got into the car, and started the engine, and there was complete silence.

He figured it out, though was weepy about it all, and we sat on a rock and watched the creek with him curled up in my lap and we talked a bit, and he decided he wanted to go get McDonalds and eat it at the park. So we did exactly that.

When we got all the food, exactly as he ordered it, and got back to the park, Jet said, as we pulled in, "I'm really sorry for crying and screaming at you before." I told him that I really appreciated his apology and he smiled and we enjoyed ourselves at the park. First with lunch and then he played for about an hour.

Then we went on a quest to find cappuccino cups. There were none at Pier 1 Imports, which is the label I'd found on the ones at work. There were some at the Brewing Company, but they were $17 for a cup and saucer, and what am I going to use a saucer for? Then we hit Target, and Jet and I were both wilting in the heat by now, and we found them for $2.99, plain, white porcelain. Yay!

When we pulled out of the parking lot, Jet was already asleep. So we went home, and I put him in a cool spot on the lower floor, and I just read in the quiet, cool cave of our house. It's really good in the summer, we can close all the shutters and get nearly no sunshine inside and good insulation against the heat.

John came home at 3, and Jet woke up about twenty minutes before John got home, so he had some chocolate milk in him, and a good cuddle. We then all went to the Father's Day hot dog dinner out in the parking lot at the pre-school. Jet got to see a bunch of his friends and name them to us. That was pretty fun.

Then we went to the theater and saw "Lava Girl and Shark Boy in 3D". It was hard to wear the 3D glasses on top of my regular glasses, but it was fun fluff. Bad plot, kid acting, and fluffy FX. Jet loved it, and I had some fun. And, best of all, it was very cool in the theater.

We went home, had a light snack for dinner, and played video games in the basement.

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