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Jet Rash

Yesterday, after Jet was running around on the grass for a while after church, I noticed that he had a rash all over his arms and legs. That worried me a bit, and I wasn't sure if it was the grass, the day out in the sun yesterday, or the simple fact that Jet's had a bunch of sunscreen on him for days on end and the only baths/showers he's had have been when we've gone to the Rec. Center, so all that sunscreen and chlorine was only coming off a couple of times a week. Or something....

But after church we went off to the grocery store and found that the Benedryl said that you had to talk to a doctor to give any to someone under six. And I didn't think that the Claritin stuff was something I should be giving him when he didn't have any of the congestion symptoms. John and I looked everything over and decided that since it didn't seem to be bothering Jet that much, yet, we wouldn't give him anything.

We then went home, and everyone slept. Jet asked me to help him go to sleep, so I did, and we slept in his rather hot room. John slept as well, as he'd been up at 5:30 with Jet. I slept with Jet until he was fast asleep, and then slept in the cool downstairs until John was up and ready to go. I got up, then Jet got up with a small accident while asleep, so I washed all his sheets and hung them outside to dry as it was so hot it seemed stupid to start up the dryer to do something that would generate MORE heat.

Jet's rash didn't get any better with all of that, though, and we changed all the sheets on his bed in case there was something that was on them.

We went swimming at about 2:30, and at about 3, the sky clouded up and the world cooled off a little. We dried Jet off and headed home, and he demanded to go into the hot tub, so I let him, which may or may not have been a mistake, but it was something he really wanted to do.

So he did that until the kids knocked on our door, and he got dressed and ran off to play with them. I sat with Kelly for a while and watched the kidlings play together, and we talked and I asked if she could do the plant watering while we were gone and she was amiable. So that was cool. Jet ran and played a lot and was very happy, so I thought he was okay with regards to the rash.

Dinner was at the Pumphouse for Father's Day. We had a very nice dinner. John and I split up fish and chips and a spinach and basalmic salad with blue cheese, pecans, and mushrooms. Jet demanded "Cheese pizza" and was rather querulous about how soon it was going to come until he decided he had to use the potty and when he came back he was bemused that it STILL hadn't come. When it did come, he ate half of it, right off, and was quite happy with his Oreos, while John and I got full-on desserts for the first time in a while.

The chocolate stout cake was wonderful, and the presentation really centered on the cake and nothing else. No frosting, no ice cream, no silly dusting of powdered sugar. It was just slabs of chocolate rich cake with a bit of whipped cream anglaise around the sides and a big dallop of chocolate hazelnut mousse in the center. That's all. Wow. I could probably have made a meal out of just that and a mug of decaf coffee. It was quite good.

Then home.

This morning, Jet still had his rash and it was splotching all over his arms and legs. I got up with him when he got up at 7 as John had done the middle of the night thing with Jet. This morning, when Jet came over, he said, "It's now 7, Mom, can you put on my pants and shirt?"

So he actually watched the clock! Wow.

Anyway, I got his pants and shirt on and then John was up, too, and I was able to put myself completely together. Then I went and made John his mocha and then my mocha. I didn't get John's drink quite as hot as he wanted it, which I was kind of sorry for, but he drank it. I took mine to work and it was so late I drove instead of taking the bike like I wanted to, but I'll likely be glad of that this afternoon.

After three meetings, I got a signal light saying that there was a message, and it was John to tell me that they had an appointment at 11 with Dr. Turner. I canceled my meeting, and zoomed over there. John and Jet were walking through the parking lot when I got there, and I went in and found them. Jet was itching pretty hard, and he was *hot* and puffy and splotched all over. Even the nurse mentioned that he looked really blotchy. Poor guy, he'd been in the hot car for a bunch of the morning, and when he came to me to be held, he was hot all over, and I tried to soak up as much heat as possible, but he was itching pretty fiercely.

Dr. Turner saw him, and recommended the lowest dose of Benedryl for him, and said that we should take it with us on our trip. I asked about baking soda bathes (thanks kathrynt for reminding me of them), and she said that that should help. It's interesting as the rash is all over the parts of his body that *aren't* covered by anything. His torso is mostly clear. But arms and legs up to his hips and shoulders and his cheeks are just covered. So it's not likely to be the swimming pool or hot tub chlorine, so I'm thankful for that. But it definitely goes under his shirt sleeves and short pants, so it's not likely sunscreen. I'm halfway assuming its grass allergies. The doctor asked if it might be a change in detergent, but we haven't changed detergent for a long time.

Hm. But Jet did leave a pack of gum in the wash the other night and the wash smelled of spearmint. But it wasn't something like sheets that would have had exposure around his clothing, it was actually on his clothing.

We may never figure out why or what, exactly, it was. The only thing he ate differently was a strawberry fruit bar the other day, but Jet's been eating strawberries up to this point without any problems. It might even have been just the combination of the sunscreen and three straight hours of sun, or something, and that's not something we're going to do again, any time soon. There is the possibility that it is just the sunshine itself, as I've always had a sensitivity to sunshine, it causes my skin to rash pretty badly when I've been out too long. But it's almost always just my forearms, and with Jet it was all over, even on skin that was covered. Still, when a rash starts, it didn't always STOP where there wasn't irritation.

The heat had made it worse, but John and Jet are going to stay in the shade for the rest of the day and that should help, I hope.

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