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Everything has worked out. It's taken a while, but it's all pretty much set for the nonce. My teeth now feel fine. My tooth guard doesn't cause me pain at night. My eyes are on order and should arrive, along with a thirty dollar rebate, next week, and Jet got up twice last night to renew my faith in How Things Are. I'm back into my old lenses for a little while, until I finish off the old packs of lenses, and I'm missing the vision in my left eye a little, but it isn't causing my brain any pain.

Jet's also cheerfully exploring every joint in his fencing and banging thoughtfully at the file cabinet while exploring every inch of the area he's been given. He played with pots and pans with Haley, found out what happens when he pulls Haley's hair (it made Haley sad and she said, "oooowwie.." while patting her head sadly, and Jet got a lecture about Nice Hands, which he's going to repeat whenever he abuses John or I from now on), and tried to get himself into an air return when Joan was trying to fix it. He has, as Joan put it, gone up to the next level.

Jet's far less interested in toys, now, than in everything anyone else is interested in. Everyday objects are far more fascinating. Chairs, electrical outlets (thanks Heather!), tables, book shelves, stools, rocking chairs, file cabinets, shoes, clothing, blankets, everything has become something to be studied intently and then played with.

He also has been eating steadily more and more solids, and loving them all. He had sushi rice last night, he grabbed it by the handful, spread it out and then thoughtfully ate each individual grain. He really enjoyed the tempura'ed banana, smidgens of mackerel and unagi, and ate nearly a whole jar of peaches, oatmeal, and banana as well. Happy boy. He also got to get held by the front desk ladies at the optometrists, got to hear his first dentist's drill, and basically had quite the adventure.

I'm far happier now than I was at the beginning of the week. And I'm very glad of the improvement.

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