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Day Four

Yay! Jet's rash is mostly gone, now. Whew.

Today is Boulder County's Bike to Work Day, where folks are supposed to try some sort of alternative transport, so I biked to work today and John took Jet to Seven Oaks in the bike trailer, and we'll hook the trailer onto my bike for when I take Jet home. It was a nice ride in, not too hot, and I got to use my messenger bag the way it should be used. Though I filled it with garlic chives from the garden this morning, as there are a few Chinese folks at work that love the stuff, and I had so much of it that I needed to chop it all down and have it start over again. The stuff grows better with a few cuttings, and there were one or two seed stalks in there, so better now than later.

The mosquitoes were out, in spite of the Mosquito Magnet in the yard. I should have John put it in the lawn or something instead of on the side yard. Maybe the side yard by Mikayla's house, then they'd get as much benefit as we do or something. Still, the grilling porch is now well protected and that's where I spend most of my time, so that's a good thing. No need for West Nile to hit us.

But I chopped it all down and took about five minutes to get to work and even then John had already dropped Jet off and beaten me to work. Yeesh.

Jet needs Benedryl at lunch time, so I'm going to ride over, without the trailer, and deliver it and then head back for the free lunch. Mmm... lunch.

But Jet seems pretty happy, still. As usual, I guess.

Last night, we'd gone out to the used book store to look for Pratchett for John, as I've been reading most of them from the library. John needs a little more time, but since I've read them I can figure out what's good to get. We went from there to a little Mexican restaurant, and we ate. The waitress couldn't get over how polite and well-mannered Jet was. She was so used to kids that would just run wild around the restaurant, but he was all "Please" and "Thank You" and stayed in his seat to eat his dinner and dessert, and she was surprised that he talked to her "like an adult!"

Hm. I guess we do expect more out of him than most.

On the way back home, we drove towards a towering thunderhead that turned the sky dark, and huge raindrop splatted down as we pulled into the driveway. Our neighbors pulled in a few minutes after we'd gotten out of the car and a black balloon popped out of the car. With the gusting winds, it stayed down just long enough for John to grab it and take it over. Hee. But then hail started coming down, hard. Gravel-sized hail, a lot of it.

We went inside, and I could see Jet's sunflowers bending under the onslaught. I was a little sad about the garden, but it looked as if it was small enough stuff it wouldn't pound it all into mush. Whew. And it really did need the rain after the really hot week. When we opened up all the windows, the rain drenched air smelled so sweet, and cooled the house down quite quickly. Yay for a cool house to sleep in!

While putting Jet to bed we'd bought him a couple of joke books and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. While we were getting ready to read things I mentioned that we also owned James and the Giant Peach. Jet's ears perked up and he demanded James and the Giant Peach.

The joke book was an exercise in the English language. The Funny Bunny Joke Book was kind of eye-opening in just what kinds of words Jet doesn't know. It's not very funny when you don't know that "hare" is a kind of rabbit and only think it's a piece of string. I'm not sure how he got that "hair" is a piece of string but... it was even odder when we got to "Why did the bald man..." "What's "bald", Mom?" "Uhm... it's when someone doesn't have any hair." Jet looked at me, rubbed his own head, "That's weird, Mom." "Uhm. It's unusual, but there are lots of people without any hair." "Huh." "Okay... 'Why did the bald man put a rabbit on his head?'" Jet's nose wrinkled, "Why, Mom?" "Because he needed the hare there." Jet looked dubious, but then practiced laughing and rolling back onto his back.

The whole thing was like *that*.

I gave up after a few sections of him laughing even before the punchline because the combinations of words were too funny for him. *giggles*

Then we went on to James and the Giant Peach. He was disappointed at first because James wasn't the red engine in the Thomas stories. "Why not, Mom?" "Well, this is a story about someone else." Jet was very content hearing about James childhood as a four-year-old, which lasted about a page. And then his eyes got very big when James' parents were eaten by a rampaging rhinoceros on a shopping trip to London, and they got even bigger at the very abusive aunts. Then Jet started asking "WHY are they beating him? WHY can't he go out and play? WHY don't they let children come over to play? WHY are they calling him bad names?" I'd forgotten that the beginning was so miserable, and that up to this point Jet hasn't really heard many stories about children who have it a lot worse than he does.

He summed it up nicely, though. "Well, that's WRONG, they shouldn't do that."

I agreed.

Jet went to sleep with the description of the giant peach in moonlight in the garden as James was about to go on his big adventure. It was a pretty peaceful description and beautiful as well, so I think he'll want to go on. We've already gotten through Stuart Little, and I think we'll have chance to do more 'big books' as we go on.

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