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Busier than Bees

Damnit. Hm. Ran around a lot, yesterday, getting the very last things with Jet for our trip. Not a lot to get (a replacement lens for the one that scratched my eye and Jet's "Japanese sprinkles"), which was good.

Amazon delivered my 256 M cards for $25 each in 2 days. Yeah, yeah, I know, I can get 2Gig cards, now, but these little guys are fast, and it takes me a week or two to really fill one, tinycam videos and all.

The new icon is a portrait Jet took of me, along with his grandparents and John.

Jet likes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the book, because it has a Grandpa George and a whole factory that does chocolate.

The throat seems, now, to not be a cold, but a combination of allergies (the super-special thermalfoam pillow I was using, it seems), snore damage, and talking way too much the last two weeks. We had a pub gathering last night, and since I talked way too much, too loud, my throat hurt so much before going to bed that I had to take two ibuprofin and hope. It's better, mildly, now, but with 2000 miles to go and most of it in blessed silence, I have some hope that I'll get better.

We're mostly packed, right now, so we're about to go.  I'll have my Visor, but entries on that won't get on here until I'm back.  We'll likely hit ehubs along the way.  If any of you East Coast folks want a Jet visit, feel free to use my livejournal email address to make contact.
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