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As you can probably tell, I didn't bring the laptop along on the trip, so I haven't been able to get to the Internet until tonight, which is likely our last night on the road.

blackwingedboy may be interested to know that Jet has now pee'd on 20 states. Hee.

It's been an interesting trip, starting with camping and more bug bites than I can count and a ride up Colorado, and then through Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ontario, New York, and into Vermont with various stops including a one day break at Niagara Falls, on the Canadian side.

Then we had a great five days in Vermont with John's mom's clan, her brothers and their children and grandchildren. It was a blast, especially climbing a mountain and swimming in a marble quarry.

We then visited the Mt. Washington cog railway, the Salsburg railway, and something in Cumberland, West Virginia that had an Art Train, but the running train was off doing something, and we're now on the last straight run across Kanasas. We did go up the St. Louis Arch, the 60's technology was weirdly pristine and old at the same time.

Sorry to anyone that wrote me after we left. I just could not answer. I did get to see Archangel Beth and her Io-chan and that was well worth the stop and the sidetrip to N.H and a small Maine beach to touch the Atlantic. Just because we could. :-)

More when we can breath a bit at home. *hugs*

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