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I wrote, too early, the bit about everything being fixed on Thursday. In fact, my teeth and night guard did fine on Thursday night because I'd dosed myself on Motrin before going to sleep, and the two pill dose lasted me pretty well into the morning. And the rest of the day I was careful with stuff.

Friday night, however, I had some stress from work, from Jet being crabby and from a lot of other things and, as is my unconscious wont, I ground my teeth at night. At 2 am I woke up with my entire left side of my jaw in agony. The filled teeth, their neighboring teeth were all throbbing and trying to burn their way out of my jaw. My jaw was totally locked up, and Jet needed feeding.

So I fed Jet, got him back asleep into his bed, and then went and cried on John. Saturday morning, I paged the dentists, they tried to argue me into waiting until Monday, and then Chris decided to come in and try again with the adjustment. This time he actually used contact paper, and tried some stuff on the inside of the guard to see where there as actual contact instead of just asking me how it felt.

I feel stupid, now. I feel like I should have known, when I was still numbed up, that 'How does this feel?' is an utterly asinine question, and that that alone should have proved their incompetency, but then I went for the second adjustment and went with a 'how does this feel?' AGAIN with the tooth guard, and only when I was in agony was I able to get the self-confidence? assertiveness? to ask for it to be done right. And it still wasn't done right, or something, as my teeth are still aching today.

The problem is, in part, that my brain tells me, "Well you *said* that it felt okay, so it's your fault, isn't it?" And that always makes me just want to cry.

And there's a really nasty part of my brain going, "He *knew* that one of those filling was deep, and that if the nerve stayed inflamed after the filling that I'd have to have a root canal done and he deliberately didn't do the bite adjustment and the guard adjustment correctly so that he'd *GET* a root canal patient in a week."

Never attribute to evil what can be attributed to simple, blind, frustrating, agonizing stupidity.

Then again. I'm never going back to them. I'm going to a different dentist this afternoon to see what's up, if the guard can be fixed, if the nerve ringing might go away. If I need a root canal, I'm going with him, not the Macri Family Dentists, and they aren't going to get another dollar from me, ever again. I don't have to pay someone that's stupid to work on me.

In many ways, the things that eyelessgame and silkiemom are going through at the moment really resonate. But at least I can go somewhere and get it fixed.

It also helps that the new dentist takes Aetna direct, the Macri place made us pay first, and they'd bill the insurance, but the payments would then be mailed from the insurance folks to us.

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