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The Fountain and the Chocolate Factory

I got up with Jet, for once, John needed the sleep. I'd stayed up a bit too late the night before, but had no trouble getting up when Jet did at 8. John made a great baked pancake when he got up, which was well after the cleaners had arrived and were tackling the spider nest that is our basement. The lady cleaner said that there was one black widow spider down there that she just left alone as it was just too scary. I'll agree. :-)

After breakfast, the boys played with the hippo game, and John said it was fine for me to do a little cheese shopping and a little grocery shopping. So I did.

I went to the cheese importers and got more of Jet's mizithra, which we'd eaten while camping. I also bought Gorgonzola, a block of parmesian, a block of aged Vermont Cheddar, a block of medium, bulk cheddar, and a small piece of chocolate with marzipan. Mmm... I looked over the pastas, the sauces, and the olives, but couldn't find something I was really had to get.

Then I hit the Safeway and bought a few things that we needed, including some of our 1% milk. With the espresso machine I'm going through a LOT more milk much more quickly. Likely it's good for my bones, but it's still amazing for me to be going through milk faster than Jet.

When I got home, Jet jumped into his swim trunks, we all hopped back into the car, and raced south. It was a HOT and totally clear day when we started. We stopped by a Good Times and bought burgers to eat while we were there. Jet asked, as we were going there, "What's the orange light mean?" We passed a stop light turning yellow, "You mean that?" "Yeah. Does it mean go faster?" "Well... uhm... it actually means slow down if you can." "Oh." Jet made louder and louder noises, yelled, bounced in his seat, and got more and more excited the closer we got to the fountain.

The fountain is built in the concrete near one of our better movie theaters. It's made of several dozen spouts in concentric circles with a fine, big, brass center grate for the water to run down into. It's very nice. Each spout goes up randomly, for most of the cycle, and for a good couple of minutes, all of the spouts go up as big as possible. Mostly, though, it's a nice, playful dodgable kind of thing.

When we got there, all of Jet's excitement poofed out of existence. I'm not sure why, though I'd suspect that it had something to do with the dozens of kids that were there today. We'd seen it yesterday, after we'd seen the movie, and he had wanted to go in there, then. But he suddenly didn't want to go, at first without us, but then he just didn't want to go at all. Instead, he sat with us and ate his lunch while watching all the kids. When I was halfway through my burger and Jet had finished, he asked me to go with him.

So I did.

It's nice to have an experienced brain, when one doesn't have a swimsuit. Hee. I cheerfully chased Jet, while avoiding water jets. I got a little wet, but it felt great in the 98+ degree heat. Jet laughed and squealed as he hit the jets head on. He screamed happily as he ran through everything, brute force, and the textured concrete made it easy to run even when it was wet. None of the kids were slipping at all. A little girl grinned at Jet, tagged him and squealed as she ran away. He ran after.

I sat down and finished my lunch while John sat by with a towel and did periodic face drying as needed.

Jet had a blast.

He was so tired, afterwards, though, that for the movie, he cuddled up, contentedly in my lap and I had to ask John if he was asleep. He never actually fell asleep during the movie.

Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory follows the book much more carefully than the old Gene Wilder one, and I, for one, noticed and enjoyed the edge and extra dose of absurdity and darkness that lent. No stupidly colored or absurdly shod Oopa-Loopas. No saccharine Candy Man. No moral lesson hammered in with a sudden turn for the stupid in Grandpa Joe. When I saw the Gene Wilder version I remember being furious that he'd made Grandpa Joe dupitous and STUPID. No overly simplified Oompa Loompa songs. And more lines and stories than not taken directly from the book.

I loved it. I'm less sure of the two character backgrounds that were added, but so it is.

I also noticed that a lot of folks in the theater seemed a little subdued coming out. I don't think this is going to be a huge commercial success if folks go in expecting something like the old Technicolor Gene Wilder movie.

Jet loved it, too. After getting home, having dinner, playing a bunch of video games, and then getting ready for bed, Jet noticed his copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on his bookshelf. We hadn't been able to get through it, at all, before this and suddenly Jet wanted me to read about "the girl that got really fat and big!" and then "about the fat boy!" and THEN "read about the boy that got tiny!" So, right there and then, we read through half the book. Wow. Jet really listened to the Oompa Loompa song for Mike Teevee and frowned and said, "I like reading books with you, Mom." Beam.

So it's been a good day.
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