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The Table

I might as well organize what I can...

So here's the table of days, where we stayed, how we overnighted, and what we did during the day in very short form. I'll be linking in the days when I backfill them.

I am not going to do cuts for the backfilled entries. Seems pointless as they won't show up on immediate friends pages.

Picture of Getting There.
Pictures while in Vermont.
Pictures of Going Home

DateLocation the Day Ended AtAccomodations that Night What we did during the day in extreme brevityStates or Provinces
25 June North Platte, NebraskaBuffalo Bill's Campground just outside town, during Nebraska days.
Pit toilets
Power supplies (good for grinding coffee)
Packed 'til 2
Hit North Platte during a concert
Camped in a thunderstorm.
Jet napped the evil, magical 3 hours, and then couldn't get to sleep until midnight.
Dinner at Italian buffet when the local BBQ was closed for the fair
Saw our first fireflies, lighting up amid the curtains of rain and flashes of lightening.
26 JuneDes Moines, IowaAmerica's Best, hotel
with HOT swimming pool (100F)
soft beds
but AC in the rooms
Breakfast at the campground
KFS lunch for a gas stop
Jet didn't nap
BAD grill for dinner, good service, lousy food. Jet wouldn't touch anything until they gave him a plate of rice.
We all swam in the too warm pool
Jet was asleep by 9:30
27 JuneWarren Dunes, MichiganMichigan State Park
running water
lots of sites all packed in with lots of people
purveyor of wood just outside the entrance
concessions at the beach
mosquitoes EVERYWHERE
We're only 700 feet above sea level!!
Water haze in the sky!
By Davenport, IL had picnic lunch at Rock Island Arsenal. BIG guns and a playground
Jet napped too asleep to really see the dunes and the silver, still water of Lake Michigan spread like a sea.
Had a hard time getting supplies of anything but wood.
Campground, fire, pathetic dinner and no marshmallows!
28 JuneNiagra Falls,
Comfort Inn, right on Clifton Hill.
Tourist City
As bad as SF's waterfront. aieeeee....
Mosquito attack!!
Bob Evans for breakfast
Changed driving plans and headed north
Clean freeways, slower limits
Sandwich lunch, bought marshmallows and chocolate
Checked into a nice, expensive tourist motel, the last of the cheap rooms.
Dinner at Montecello (great!)
Walked to see the lit American Falls. "Rainbow Falls!" dubs Jet.
29 JuneNiagra Falls, OntarioDitto yesterdayWalked to BrickLand (5 yrs work for a man we met!) all of us were fascinated.
Walked to the Horseshoe falls via parks, the American falls, and through the mists. Mmmm... mists. Saw them up close. Lunched at a vantage point on the way back.
Swim More. Jet has admirers
Laundry and Lego Play
Cafe di Or, okay seafood cannelloni
30 JuneEighth Lake, NYSomewhere in the Adirondacks
On the lake
Running water, screened bathrooms
More mosquitoes
Just up the street from a town with a real grocery store and drug store.
Breakfast at the hotel
J's swam!
Run east

Stopped at a railway that was opening tomorrow! dang.
Stopped early to get real groceries for dinner and breakfast
Found the CC didn't work and had been stopped, faxed instructions for replacement at the Inn
Got to the camp
Waded in the finger lake. Beautiful. Away from It All.
Cooked real food and rice! Yum!
Toasted marshmallows by the fire
New York
1 July
2 July
3 July
4 July
5 July
6 July
Alpenrose Inn at Bondville, VTBeautiful Inn (all meals provided) with BnB quality rooms and gorgeous setting.Pictures
John's Mom's family reunion
Fancy-dress Dinner
Vermont Country Store
Bromley Climb
The Piper Played
Quarry Swim
Bromley Fun Park, too.
New York
7 JulyDover, NHComfort Inn
Nice, modern, compact and CLOSE to the Fish Shanty
Covered bridge
Mt. Washington Cog Railway
Visit with archangelbeth and her minx. Fantastic dinner at Fish Shanty... aaahhh fish.
New Hampshire
8 JulyRest Stop in NE PARunning Water
Plenty of White Noise
Curtained bedroom with child. :-)
York, Maine to touch the Atlantic
King Arthur Flour Store (in Vermont)
Drive hard
Diner dinner with an old couple that ate there every week and were wise enough to share a meal.
New Hampshire
New York
9 JulyParadise, PABest Western, Revere Inn & Suites
Last room in the building (but for the usual king sized bed and jacuzzi)
Pool, breakfast, and a Palatial Handicapped accessible suite with handwand shower and seat
Cindy catches up
Dunkin' Donuts in the rain
Papa Pizzas and the cheesesteak
Reach Strausberg at 2
Steam Trains Galore

Ride in the countryside
Jet gets the Sodor Coal Station
Debate about The Book
Fed the Ducks at a posh resort
Local diner dinner with smiley fries
Called lots of full hotels, ours was a bit off the beaten track. Very nice.
10 JulyHuntington, WVSuper 8 on a hillside
no pool but we were so late it didn't matter anyway. It was well above and away from traffic, so quiet and nice.
Breakfast provided
Shopped a bit in Lancaster
Stopped at the Alpine Pantry in MD for lunch at the table in the tar
Stopped in Cumberland, MD?DE and missed the train there.
Hit Ohio just to let Jet pee on the tire in a grocery store parking lot.
Boston Beanery for dinner
Last room at the Super 8, guy after John was even turned away.
West Virgimia
11 JulySt Louis, MOSuper 8
Walking distance to movie theater
Walking distance to dinner, too.
Microwave and refrigerator
Drove to get to St. Louis
Sad about no whiskey from Kentucky
Crossed the Mississippi (Jet laughed)
Saw Herbie: Fully Loaded!
Dinner at Ginger Buffet and Grill
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
West Virginia
12 JulyTopeka, KSSuper 8
Right off the freeway
Microwave and refrigerator!
Belgium waffle maker for breakfast
The Arch
Underground we find the Arch's 70's technology ride to the top! Wow.
Ride it, enjoy the museum.
Penzey's Spice store!
Church's chicken for lunch
Drive to Kansas City and have a really early dinner at Arthur Bryant's.
It was worth the drive. Okay, and the sauce and the rub. I recommend the burnt ends sandwich and the small end ribs. And I, for one, like the orange sauce.
Go as far as we can, afterwards.
Jet eats a whole package of soupy noodles in the room
We swim
Maggie Moo's for ice cream
See a closed Superior School Supplies. I drool.
13 JulyLongmont, COHome
Full Kitchen
Pedal to the metal for Home.
One stop in the middle of nowhere and get microwave burritos and icebox sandwiches for lunch.
One highway potty stop.
Jet naps the last bit and is amazed to be home.
We stay up a bit too late enjoying the return

I'll link in the dates when I fill them in with what details I either typed or wrote down at that time. I kept a paper journal for much of it, as I couldn't draw with the Visor. I'll probably repeat this table on the 25th, so that folks can see the extent of it and can skip it they want.
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