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102 today

Hot hot hot... amazingly hot.

The painters came early today, and painted through the cooler morning.

We went to the Longmont Farmer's Market, bought a few things, then hit Safeway for a few more.  The tamale man and the artesian baker weren't at the Market, which was disappointing, but we got most of what we wanted.

When we got home, the boys washed the van while I propagated More Plants.  I took all the baby spider plants off the big plants in the house so that Jet could have a couple of baby plants in his room, that he could take care of and which would clean out the air in his room for him.  I also cut, dipped, and planted a few more rosemary and thyme stems. One of the African violets sat in three inches of water (it was in a cache pot, the evils of which I will not expound upon at the moment), and it's starting to show signs of having Bit the Big One, so I took one of the still healthy leaves, dipped it in rooting hormone and planted it in a tiny, very cute pot as well.

I also roasted more espresso.  It roasted a good minute faster than usual.  Yeesh.

The painters got a LOT done today, they want to finish tomorrow.  It's supposed to be 83 tomorrow!  I can hope.  I heard from someone, today, that it's not been under 90 all month, here, with a good week of 100+ degree weather the first week of the month.  I'm glad we weren't here then.

When the boys finished washing the van, and we'd all had a picnic out in the shade of various forms of bread, cheese, and crackers, we all decided it was time to go swimming.  We got into our suits, got on our bikes (I was on the scooter), and went to the pool, right during adult swim.  We waited the last three minutes, and then jumped in.

Ten minutes later the earth and sky Grumbled.  Thunder.

Out we got.  Jet went home and took a one hour bath while John and I had our showers and I built that monstrosity of a table of days for the vacation.  We all went to Durango's for dinner, and I couldn't decide on anything until I saw a beautifully deep fried fish waft by on a platter.  It was gorgeous, and I had to try it again.  I'd tried one at Casa Alverez a few years back and while it had been crisp on the outside, the tilapia had been disappointingly dry on the inside.  This Pescado Frito, however, was not just gorgeous, it was sweet and moist on the inside, and tasted absolutely fantastic. 

The scales all over the fish stood out from the intense heat, flaking and rising and turned shatteringly crisp.  The meat was flaky and tender and moist, and perfect with a slathering of lime to work with the salt and spices that the fish had been rubbed with.  Served with a few slices of avocado, a slice of tomato, a pile of fresh lettuce, a pile of rice, and a few simply perfect slices of papas fritas it was a wonderful meal.  Well worth enjoying with everything I had.


I missed Mexican food, real Mexican, Oxacan style Mexican food while we'd been away.  We'd tried to discover local favorites, more often than not failing miserably from sheer lack of time and knowledge.  I'd done some research on Kansas City BBQ before leaving, but hadn't known our route beyond that and hadn't taken the time to plan it and research the other cities as thoroughly.  I love being back and being able to savor what's great here.

The evening was short.  Jet had no nap, so he was tired early.  John and I watched a few things.  I peered at OLN's online coverage of the race, just to be up to date at what happened today, and was glad to be able to.
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